September 22, 2016

Hi Friends,

This week we wrap up our co-chair conversations with Jackie Herd-Barber, Community Volunteer. Jackie brings an authentic community perspective based on her experience as a long-term volunteer at Metcalfe Elementary School for nearly five years. She is a phenomenal community leader and champion for Milwaukee Succeeds!
Jackie not only serves as co-chair of Milwaukee Succeeds, she is also the 2016 campaign co-chair for the United Way Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County. Jackie is a fearless and devoted volunteer leader involved in many community and civic boards, including the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Rotary Club of Milwaukee and the War Memorial, the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, the Milwaukee Urban League and Bader Philanthropies, Inc.
Simply put, kids matter to Jackie!

Take it away Jackie!

See you soon, 

Danae Davis  |  Executive Director
Milwaukee Succeeds
101 W. Pleasant St., Suite 210, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Direct: 414.336.7057


Q1: Five years in, what are you most proud of with Milwaukee Succeeds?

Jackie: Everyone is still at the table, engaged and committed to making a difference in our children's' lives.  In addition, we have expanded the table to include other constituencies that are key to addressing the needs of our children. We are making progress toward our 2020 goals.  With the addition of Danae Davis as our executive director.  She has a laser like focus on truly improving the educational outcomes for our kids. Her collaborative focus on best practices, strategies and making sure we have the right people at the table keeps us rowing together in the same direction.

Q2: What about a book on education reform or a book that keeps you going, that you would recommend?

Jackie: I recommend Our Kids - The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam. Professor Putnam addresses the hardships and obstacles our children face and the call to action that we adults need to respond to.
Q3: Describe a moment when you realized that Milwaukee Succeeds is making a difference.

Jackie: The Transformative Reading Instruction (TRI) Model executive committee presented results of their work at two schools with awesome results validating that the opportunity to have 2,000 students reading on grade level by 2020 is a reality.
Q4: What are you hopes for Milwaukee Succeeds?

Jackie: My hope for the future is that we won't need Milwaukee Succeeds.  That all kids will be in quality childcare birth to three, ready to begin kindergarten, reading and math proficiency on grade level, and in a position to attend the post-secondary institution of their choice upon high school graduation.  As an engineer, I would love for all students to choose engineering as a career.  Can you imagine graduating 2,000 engineers from Milwaukee every year? That would be so awesome!
Q5: What does Milwaukee Succeeds need from the broader community to be successful?

Jackie: We need time, talent and treasure from the community.  If our children are to achieve the academic, social and emotional growth desired, we need the entire community to be involved in all aspects of their lives and education.


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