July 21, 2016

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This week we have a guest writer who is no stranger to Milwaukee Succeeds Goal 2: School Readiness (specifically 3rd grade reading). Rachel Lander, Associate Scientist School of Education at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee has been has been involved in the development of a Transformative Reading Instruction (TRI) model that Milwaukee Public Schools (as well as Choice and Charter schools) adopted to improve classroom instruction, empower parents, and provide focused tutoring. I know we've often focused our Hey It's Danae editions on TRI, but this one shines a light on one of the most critical aspects of our work, the role of evaluation in implementing changes in practice, and the leader most impactful in evaluating TRI as a success model.

TRI focuses on Reading Foundations which provides a systematic way for children to learn to read and advance their reading skills.  When children get the right balance of targeted instruction and practice, reading becomes natural.

Watch this 3-minute video to see TRI in action!

Take it away Rachel!

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Hello Milwaukee Succeeds and Danae!

In June, I had the fortunate opportunity to attend an informational session about Policy Labs with Milwaukee Succeeds. Policy Labs involve building strategic partnerships between public and private sectors to strengthen the infrastructure and processes needed to support evidence-based decision making.

This event was especially inspirational for me because it presented a realistic, high quality road map of what it can look like for researchers and evaluators to be true partners in reform efforts. Specifically, one of the presenters included a slide that listed four steps: Identify and measure baseline outcomes; Connect the right people to the right services; Use data in real time for continuous improvement; and Evaluate impacts.

As an Associate Researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, this slide encapsulates my professional pursuits. It is an exciting time to be involved in this work because there is currently a growing movement to create partnerships between researchers, evaluators, leaders, innovators and practitioners. In my work, I am part of the team that wants better outcomes for students. For my part, I am committed to bringing research methodologies and evaluative logic to the efforts community partners and school districts are engaging in for improvement.

One thing we must remember is that partnerships depend upon strong relationships based on trust – trust that each member values, first and foremost, the collective impact. This commitment is a tall order in a fast-paced, competitive, climate. But I’ve seen the power it can have when it works and when each partner brings their expertise, creativity, passion, and resources to build a greater good. This is what Milwaukee Succeeds offers our city.

Rachel Lander

Associate Scientist School of Education
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


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