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February 24,2017

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We are tirelessly committed to expanding Transformative Reading Instruction (TRI), the literacy model aimed at improving rates of children reading proficiently by 3rd grade, across the educational ecosystem. We know providing high-quality reading instruction is critical for all students in Milwaukee’s public, charter, and choice schools. TRI has already expanded from seven to 16 schools in the 2016-17 school year, and we are thrilled to announce that Seton Catholic Schools rapidly began embracing TRI and are making plans to grow sustainably.

Let’s learn a little more about Seton Catholic Schools and TRI.

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Seton Catholic Schools is a collaborative network of Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic elementary schools providing the highest caliber academic and spiritual formation programs for all students. The network is committed to the lifelong success all students, preparing them for the changing world and all its challenges and joys.
Seton is a catalyst for achievement, working with teachers, staff, families and students in the schools to empower them to take hold of their own futures – and the future of their neighborhoods. The future we envision for Milwaukee is within arm’s reach. Seton is working to ensure a safer city and better future for our students and for future generations. 
This mission reflects why Seton Catholic Schools are tenaciously addressing reading deficits among their students. Seton began its journey with Milwaukee Succeeds when they began implementing TRI at St. Catherine School in 2015-2016 and has since added TRI to Northwest Catholic in the 2016-2017 school year. Seton looks forward to further expansion in the years to come.

Seton Catholic Schools’ enthusiasm with TRI was also evident last month during a district wide professional development day. In addition to a day of learning, all TRI teachers of Seton were acknowledged and celebrated for their fidelity to the TRI model and commitment to their students.

And these teachers aren’t the only ones.  Over 65 teachers across Milwaukee received consistent and high quality coaching impacting the way they teach reading to over 835 children throughout Milwaukee. Teachers testify to seeing significant progress from their students and attribute that growth to the program routine, progress monitoring, and coaches working with teachers.

We caught up with St. Catherine’s principal, Michael Turner to learn a little more about his perspective on how TRI has impacted the school, teachers, and students.
Q: What has TRI brought to St. Catherine?

A:  TRI brought an increased skill in helping students develop pre-reading and reading skills. It opens up the whole educational process because reading is the key to all of it!

Q: Have you seen a difference in reading instruction and performance?

A: Our reading now is much more purposeful. This year with the coach and the teacher, we’re seeing a huge impact in the way reading instruction is delivered and allows students to access the curriculum.

Q: What is your favorite part of TRI?

A: When the kids come running to tell me how they read today. My K5 students are thrilled because they are reading books. We have six who are reading. The exciting part is the trickle up theory, moving up into first grade and building. Hopefully we get to a point where students in TRI and needing that material will be shrinking. We will have third graders fully ready to read and making the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. It is in the end…all about the kids.

Clearly, when TRI is implemented with fidelity, there are endless benefits for schools and communities. Learning about Seton’s experiences and successes inspire an even greater commitment to helping all of our young children succeed at reading!

Danae Davis  |  Executive Director
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