June 17 2016

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As our children start their summer vacations, most parents find themselves thinking about their plans for childcare, summer school, and summer activities. But for kids who receive free or reduced-price meals during the school year, there are some barriers to get the same level of food nutrition during the summer months.

Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin is working to provide children and their families with additional food over the summer in innovative ways. Rayna Andrews, Senior Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships is here to talk about what Feeding America is doing this summer. It’s pretty exciting. Take it away Rayna!

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In Milwaukee County, one in four children go to bed hungry. Children facing hunger is an enormous problem and often shows up in the classroom. The brain, like the rest of the human body requires energy to function properly. Without healthy food, children become malnourished which tampers with sleeping patterns, as well as memory and concentration, making a child too tired to get anything out of a full day of school. Nutritious and safe food is the fuel our children need to grow.

We know child hunger is an education issue that together we can solve. To help in this effort, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin (FAEW) has co-created a variety of programs with community partners to address child hunger. In Milwaukee County, FAEW organized 32 fresh mobile pantries last year at various schools and Boys & Girls Clubs; reaching more than 1,500 families. The mobile school pantries is a unique model which offers parents and guardians a choice in the foods they select for their family. School administrators and program coordinators love this option because it’s directly meeting a community need and is an opportunity to engage parents in school matters.

“We are heading into a critical time of year. As we head into the summer months, it is essential that we not only ensure our children continue to read and learn, but we must also ensure that they are well nourished,” said Charles McLimans, president and CEO of Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. “Through our Healthy Kids, Healthy Summer campaign, we will continue to keep the focus on child hunger by raising awareness and providing resources to our children so they can return to the classroom in the fall energized, healthy and ready to learn."

If we want our students to succeed this summer, we have to make certain they start the day with a full stomach and go home to a meal. Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin has many more programs such as the backpack program, Kids Café and mobile pantries that address child hunger. Join us in solving hunger by knowing how and what to advocate for. Visit us online at to learn more about child hunger in eastern Wisconsin.





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