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 Rainy Day News
Volume 2, October, 2015
From Ellie's Friends:

Ahhh...cooler weather, beautiful Fall foliage...

What a great time of year to get outside with your pet. Dogs playing in the leaves; cats luxuriating in golden sunbeams, as the days get shorter and the nights get colder. In this issue, we'll pass on some advice from our partner vets for ways to make this season a healthier one and celebrate autumn with the help of some local pets who are sporting their Halloween best.  Enjoy!

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Health and Well-Being:
“Be ready for unexpected effects”:
Seasonal Suggestions From Our Vets

 Along with the obvious risk of dogs getting into the Halloween chocolate, we need to be aware of the unexpected effects that can come of shorter days and cooling temperatures.  To be ready for them, here are some reminders:
  1. Since Halloween is a time of pranks, be sure to keep dogs & cats (especially black ones) indoors leading up to & during the festivities.
  2. Consider blocking dogs & cats away from the door during the hours of trick-or-treat as strange costumes, noises, & constant doorbell ringing may cause them to try to dart outside.
  3. Beware of the dangers of bite-sized treats.  Wrappers can be choking hazards, & chocolate & some nuts are toxic to dogs. Anything containing the artificial sweetener Xylitol can be lethal!
  4. Make sure your furry friends are wearing reflective collars with ID tags.  Cats out for a morning check of their perimeter may not be seen by that approaching car.   You and your pooch need to wear something that can be seen as well since it’s more likely to still be dark on your stroll before or after work.
  5. Keep treating for hitchhikers on your pets!  Ticks are particularly prevalent in the fall.  Check cats & dogs frequently & eliminate piles of leaves and other debris where ticks may be hiding.
  6. Do not leave antifreeze bottles around pet accessible areas.  Its sweet smell and taste are enticing and a very small amount of it can kill a dog or cat as small as 10 pounds.

In the Miami Valley:

“There are lots of ways to enjoy each other’s Halloween Mojo!”

Virtual Halloween Costume Party October, 2015:
Thanks to all who participated in our Virtual Halloween Costume Party! Lots more fun to be seen on the events page of our website:
Still want to get in on the fun?  Send your pictures in the next week to: and we’ll add them to the party!

Doggie Dash N Splash Costume
Doggie Dash N Splash
Doggie Dash N Splash Biscuit
Doggie Dash N Splash Doggy

Paws To Ponder:

"In my darkest hour, 
        I reached out for a hand
                      and found your paw."

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