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 Rainy Day News
Volume 3, November, 2015
From Ellie's Friends:

As we turn to a colder, more contemplative season...

Do you consider winter to be a chilly nuisance, a fun time to play in the snow, or a test of your endurance? Whichever is true for you, we hope you'll find this newsletter brings you a little added warmth!  In this issue, first we'll tell you about Cocoa, our new featured Love Story (who LOVED to play in the snow...even when her little body got buried & her family had to come dig her out).  We'll throw in a bit of Health & Wellness to help take the bite out of winter's arthritic stiffness as we talk about an alternative form of veterinary care (Cocoa loved going to acupuncture BTW). To finish, we'll let your critters inspire us to enjoy finding ways to stay cozy. 

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Love Stories:
"Thank you for helping our girl to get the tests she needed to guide her treatment".

"Even when she was asleep, she was dreaming of what she could eat or get into".  That's how her Mom described Cocoa, an 8 pound Smooth Chocolate dachshund, who is our new featured love story.  She was "always getting into trouble, but also had a soft side as she made everything better with her special kisses". Read more about this special dog at

Health and Well-Being:
“Sometimes,veterinary acupuncture & herbs can help where conventional veterinary medicine and surgery cannot." -Veterinary Alternatives
Pets, like people, get more stiff and painful as the weather turns cold.  Some people think of medications and surgery as veterinarians' only ways to help. Veterinary acupuncture provides an alternative to these more traditional interventions. 
In fact, veterinary acupuncture & herbs can effectively treat arthritis, hip/back/neck/elbow pain, intervertebral disc disease, paralysis & other neurological problems, sprains & strains, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, and more. Success can be seen in over 80% of patients and in many cases, veterinary acupuncture & herbs can help where conventional veterinary medicine and surgery cannot. Veterinary acupuncture & herbs are also great preventative and rehabilitation medicine, can be an adjunct to chemo and radiotherapy for cancer, and help in recovery after many types of surgery or injury. By safely and effectively relieving pain, regulating blood pressure, and improving immune function, veterinary acupuncture & herbs can provide multiple benefits to dogs & cats.  
Get more information at:
ellie getting pins
cat acupuncture

In the Miami Valley:

“Baby it's cold outside!"...

But here are a few local animals who know how to deal with the cold.
For more cuddliness that'll warm your heart
cat leaning on dog
collie in dreamland
dogs on couch snoozing
asleep with dad

Paws To Ponder:

     "Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet"

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