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 Rainy Day  "Start the New Year Right" Edition
Volume 4, January 1, 2016
From Ellie's Friends:

Time for those new year's resolutions to exercise, take better care of ourselves...

Let's face it.  When the new year arrives, most of us have lots of aspirations for being better people.  Often times that includes a focus on exercising, losing weight, and just living a healthier lifestyle.

Ellie follows the most consistent exercise program of anyone I've ever met.  What better time than the beginning of 2016 to allow her to motivate us into better behavior for ourselves and our four-footed loved ones?  OK, I admit that I've never been able to get Ellie's feline siblings to do standard exercises.  Although they perform some pretty impressive acrobatics when chasing a laser light!  But both dogs and cats can benefit from intervention with a rehabilitation specialist.

So read on to decide whether you need some coaching from a pro; then make those health resolutions a reality for you and your pet!  Will you play more with your cat?  Will you take the Ellie's Exercise Challenge for your dog... for yourself?

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Health and Well-Being

“Canine (& feline) rehabilitation can alleviate pain, restore function, and improve quality of life!"
-Jean Pavlakos, PT, CCRP  of Our Hearts Canine Rehab
Is your dog not moving as well as you'd like her to? Is your cat experiencing pain?
Canine Rehababilitation (also used with felines) treats physical dysfunction or injury through target exercise and/or the application of light, heat, cold, water, massage, etc. It can alleviate pain, restore function, and improve quality of life!
While it has been in existence since the 1980’s, it has become more embraced by the veterinary community and canine owners in the last 10 to 15 years.
If you think your dog could benefit from some canine rehab, consider the following:
The process should include a thorough evaluation, and development of a treatment plan (which fits your goals and capabilities). 
Goals of rehab
may include:                        
Decreasing pain
Increasing range of motion
Increasing Strength and endurance
Normalizing Gait
Improving balance and coordination
Cross training and sport enhancement
Weight control

But should
always include:
Increasing function
Improving quality of life
Increasing satisfaction in your relationship with your dog!

Want more information?  First, consult your veterinarian. Then for best results consult a certified rehab specialist ( a physical therapist, veterinarian, or vet tech that has completed the canine rehab certification through one of the 2 schools in the United States).
laser treatment, cat
dog PT, on discs
The Ellie Exercise Challenge:
Your Dog Can Be Your Workout Buddy for 2016 ...

It's the beginning of a new year...time for a new, invigorated you!  What more fun way is there to get in better shape than to exercise with a friend...your best four-legged friend, that is?  Remember Richard Simmons? Introducing, "Ellie Simmons" :-)  We invite you to go to Ellie's YouTube channel,  watch each of the six videos in the Exercise Challenge playlist, & try them for yourself.  I know it's an extra click but we promise they're fun to watch & to DO!  Here are the first couple to get you started: Click on the photo to see the video..


Special thanks to Jean Pavlakos, PT, CCRP (Our Hearts Canine Rehab) for her article & for Ellie's ongoing treatment, & to Stacey Moenter, PT, CCRP (Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic) for in-home assistance with Ellie's program and for human demos on the YouTube videos.

Paws To Ponder:

     "If your dog is too fat, you are not getting enough exercise" --Unknown.

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