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June 25, 2018

The enemy wants to keep us desperate so that we will become careless. When you feel threatened to the point of becoming frantic, you will become reckless in your fight. A person might fight crazily, recklessly, and desperately when fighting to protect themselves or their loved ones. When it looks overwhelming, like you're losing, or you're faced with imminent death or capture, you'll either give up altogether or compromise your principles and not fight righteously.

God doesn't want us crazy, reckless, or desperate. We need His divine wisdom and strategies. We need His vision to see clearly, and we need His peace. We need to remain faithful to Him and His ways no matter what and above all else. We need to be shrewd as serpents, but harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16). To be shrewd is to have "clever discerning and awareness."
Ref. We're not to be naive, but not ruthless or heartless either.

So how do we get rid of the feelings of desperation if they come? We get rid of fear. And the way to get rid of fear is the love of God. When backed into a corner, you'll lash out at anything. Fear blinds. But the love of God casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Lana Vawser has a good word for the "daughters of God" about Proverbs 31:25--laughing at the future instead of dreading it here. But whether you are a son or daughter of God, knowing His great love for you will cast fear out of your life so your motivations are not fear-based. You will remain faithful to Him instead, able to fight the good fight of faith!

Thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

Please pray for the 2018 election.
Ask the Lord how to pray, what He is saying about these elections, and what He would have you do to ensure victory for His kingdom.

Prophetic insight, issues, petitions, events, or calls for action
A Flourishing White House

Check out this prophetic vision by Charles Shamp regarding America.

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Tommy Robinson
Click on the links below for information on Tommy. More videos on the INFO WARS tab under "News Links"
Tommy Robinson is a journalist in the UK who has reported on Islamic violence--including child rapists and jihadi terrorists. He was arrested for violating a reporting ban placed by a judge on a court case. He has received numerous death threats from the Muslim community and was recently moved to a prison with a population that is 71% Muslim and has repeatedly said they will kill him. He has been a brave voice against the violence going on in the U.K. and now his friends fear he's just been sent to his death by being moved to this prison.
Rick's Rant

Rick talks about the Inspector General's report, the FBI and the DOJ.

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News Links
Keep up on current news by visiting the sites below.
Click on the picture or the name of the agency to go to their home page. If there is an article title, clicking on that will take you to the article itself.

We can look at news events to help identify where we are as a nation. We use this to pray for America. However, keep in mind, that in order to change the direction we are going, we need to speak the Word of God prophetically. This Word might be Scripture spoken in God's timing, or it may be a prophetic word given to us by His Holy Spirit through dreams, visions, or revelation, which we release from a pure heart that is aligned with Him. In either case these words have the power to change or maintain the direction we are going as needed. Don't let the "news" bog you down, but use it as a guide in your prayers and prophetic declarations.
Other News

President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian Lawmakers

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time

Investing With Insight Video: TIME TO SHORT SOCIAL MEDIA
This is a couple months old, but is an interesting 20 minute video about Facebook, the internet, and the use of social media for the collection and control of information.

New American: U.S. Set to Withdraw from UN Human Rights Council

“Our Greatest Inheritance”—2018 Commencement Address
V.P. Pence's commencement address to Hillsdale College
Citizen Warrior

The Good Must Associate: Key Strategies in the Counterjihad Movement
The last I knew, Citizen Warrior is not a Christian organization, however, they clearly see the dangers of the islamization of America. I found this article about aligning, coordinating, and focusing our efforts interesting.
Jihad Watch

Muslim leader: “Ramadan is the pious month of jihad and killing”

Video: Ex-Muslim says “Death is preferable to life under Islam”

Netanyahu: “The Iranian regime shouts, ‘Death to Israel.’ In response, Israel shouts, ‘Life to the Iranian people.'”

Toronto: Muslim cleric says “Zionist empire, American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah”

Austria’s chancellor gets death threats after closing down mosques

Massachusetts: Public high school hosts anti-Semitic all-day event featuring “Palestinian” propaganda

Trump withdrawing US from UN Human Rights Council over its “relentless, pathological campaign” against Israel
A step in the right direction!

Colorado: Muslim “refugee,” former “human rights worker,” guilty of supporting jihad terror group

Alabama: Muslim gets 15 years for jihad plot to blow up police building

Ohio: Muslim gets 16 years for supporting the Islamic State

New Jersey: Parents sue public school district for teaching “Islam is the true faith”

Hamas paid family of baby who died of heart defect $2,200 to say Israelis killed her

NYC truck jihadi: The Islamic State is “leading a war” to “impose Sharia”

Trump puts America first, distances US from jihad-supporting United Nations

47 groups weighing SPLC lawsuit warn editors: “You are complicit” in “hate group” defamation

“They will only see Italy on a postcard”: Italy turns away another migrant ship

Why a “Refugees Welcome” Activist Was Murdered by a Muslim Migrant

Jared Kushner: Mideast peace plan coming soon, with or without Abbas

Minnesota: Bacon found at mosque, hate crime investigation, solidarity vigil for Muslim community

Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Ellison says Muslims may prepare pork for hell-bound infidels

US taxpayer money going to Islamic charity with ties to jihad terror groups

Video: Robert Spencer on the New York truck jihadi and the US failure regarding the jihad threat
Mommy Underground

“Gay Pride” Video Involves Roundtable With Children
To watch this video, click "Read More" and then about half way down the page, the video is called "Talking to Kids about Pride Month." It is horrendous!

Horrific: Disney Invited This Child Sexual Predator Into Its Ranks
Prager U

Dangerous People are Teaching Your Kids
Ever wonder why your kids don't share your views?
Understanding the Threat
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