Assignment 2020

2 week Follow-Up

I wanted to send a quick follow-up letting you know how the first two weeks of my Assignment 2020 have gone. I have thoroughly loved speaking the Word of God out loud. Not only am I speaking His Word over America, knowing that His Word WILL ACCOMPLISH what it is sent to do, but I am also getting so much more out of the Scriptures than I have in the past.

I've received feedback from someone who said something similar. This brother said he reads through the Bible every year, but has never spoken it. He would struggle with falling asleep while reading but not anymore! Speaking it out loud has thoroughly blessed him as well. If you haven't started yet, you can still do it!

You can find a PDF/Printable schedule here. Or go to to open an account and sign up for a reading plan. You will receive emails from them every day, and by clicking on the link from the email your reading plan will appear at the top of the screen. Simply click on it, read/speak, and click "Finished Reading" and that's it. If you miss a day, or read ahead and it will adjust.

I'm including a summary of the prayers and proclamations I've made during the last two weeks.


Rose Murdock
Genesis 2: People of the land--follow the pattern of weeks for your time. God has set the example--dream, create, and work on six days. Rest on the 7th!

Genesis 3: Go in the authority Jesus has given you. All authority has been give to Him and He commissioned you to go--preach, heal, cast out demons, freely give, make disciples.

Genesis 4: People of the land--overcome sin. It might be waiting for you, but master it--conquer it!

Genesis 6: May the fathers of this generation rise up and live righteously, bringing the favor of God upon the land, in such a way as to deliver and save the people of the nations. May they teach their children to do the same. Let the righteous people arise in the land because of the fathers.

Genesis 8: God has made a covenant with the earth--not to destroy it again because of man. The earth cries out for the righteous sons of God to manifest. Let them arise. Let there be a revealing of the sons of God! (Romans 8:19).

Genesis 13, 17: If we take care of what's His, we will be His. People of the land--take care of what God has entrusted to you! Tend to the garden He's placed you in.

Genesis 18, 19: Let the righteous of the land increase, not only in numbers, but first in purity. Purity of the few there are. Increase our righteousness! Let us not hesitate, but wholeheartedly obey the Lord and follow Him. That both our words and actions please You Father, please you indeed. In deed. Let there indeed be righteousness in America. Let those who name the name of Christ depart from iniquity. Let there be no division of heart. Let us be united in purpose to follow You. No double-mindedness in our individual hearts, so the country too can whole-heartedly follow You!

Genesis 22, 23: There is a seed covenant. May all of God's people in this land plant seeds of willingness to obey God. Seeds of faith in Him. Seeds of righteous living. A seed covenant with Him so the land is blessed and possessed by His people. We bless Israel--the covenant land. Thank You Lord, for Your blessing on this nation.

Genesis 24: Lord, show Your people in America where they are to settle geographically. For them, and their children and grand-children. We will stay in the land You've called us to until it becomes our possession. We will bring the ways of the kingdom here willingly. We will occupy the occupation you have called us to as well.

Genesis 25: We make prayers and declarations before the Lord over this land. We speak the Word of the Lord over this land and the people in it. We speak His truth out loud over this land. We know the power of His spoken Word.

Genesis 26: May the famines in the land drive us back to the paths of our fathers. May we re-dig the wells, recognize their names, dig enough so disputes are settled, and covenants are renewed. May we prosper in the land more so than those outside of God's favor, so they will desire to know Him. So they will be envious of His covenant with us and turn to Him.

Genesis 27: May the future generations maintain the customs of the kingdom. We speak blessing over them now.

Genesis 28: We speak blessing, as fathers and mothers over our children and grandchildren. We impart to them the ways of our homeland-Heaven--God's kingdom, the land of our re-birth. The land of our inheritance. We call down the ways of the kingdom to come here to this land and to our children and grand-children in this land. We covenant with You God, to give You a tenth--to return a portion of Your blessing to You.

Genesis 29-31: People of the land--be strong and courageous. Be diligent and persistent. Be righteous and faithful to God and His ways. do what you need to do. Work hard to see the kingdom of God established in the land. Don't be weary. Don't give up. Don't give in to those who would sway you, distract you, use and abuse you. Be honest. Work hard for your God and He will make it right!

Genesis 32-35: It's not enough to have the birthright and the family blessing if we don't have God's blessing, see His face, and make peace with our brother and our past sins. We diligently pursue God's favor, His blessing, and His face. We separate ourselves form compromise and from the sin of the people of the land. We move to Bethel--the House of God--the place where He dwells. Our destiny is established there. People of the land--don't settle for less than God's full blessing!

Genesis 36-38: Judah took a wife from the land of Canaan. Abraham and Issac were not to do that. Esau did too because it displeased his father Isaac. Judah's sons are included in the lineage. People of the land, no matter what your heritage, bloodline, or ancestry, turn to the Lord. Let His blood wash over you, cleanse you, forgive you, and give you a new heart, birthing you into His family--the family of God. All people, all nations, turn to the Lord and call upon Him!

Genesis 39-41: People of the land--maintain your faithfulness to God during times of mistreatment, temptation, false accusations and captivity. During times of promotion, plenty, and famine, maintain your faithfulness to Him through it all, and your dreams will be fulfilled. God's kingdom and purpose will be established. His ways work everywhere and at all times.

Genesis 42-43: God used Joseph to test his brothers, to see if they would be completely honest and if they were remorseful over what they had done to him. They were. His father Jacob had no idea all twelve of his sons were soon to be restored to him. Every son is important. People of the land--turn from your past sins. Humble yourself, live honestly. Recognize the value in all of your brothers and sisters. Honor your fathers and all will be restored!

Genesis 44-46: People of the land--don't be discouraged when God is silent. Don't lose hope or faith when troubles overtake you and all seems lost. God is faithful, as well as just. He is the Great Orchestrator. Stay faithful. Stay righteous and honest. Stick to His principles, His Word. Continue to obey Him and serve Him faithfully and all will be well. His promises will be fulfilled. The nations will be as He has ordained. His kingdom will come. His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May your nation--your offspring--your family, your children, grandchildren and descendants be as God has promised. Strengthen the families within this nation O God. Give them room to grow and time to mature. Give them trime and space under Your hand of protection, with Your favor and blessing. Raise up these many families within America, within Israel. Strong pillars--leaders.
The Problem

There is toxic breath being released throughout this nation right now. We especially see it in the political/cultural realm.

The toxic breath is spoken lies.

There is so much of this going on that these lies are penetrating the hearts of people, deceiving them. 

Jesus said at the end of this age to be careful not to be deceived or misled. (Matthew 24:4, 24). The only way not to be deceived is to be seekers, lovers, and purchasers of the truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11, Proverbs 23:23). 

Those who are speaking lies and making false accusations are trying to make these lies become "truth." Which of course is ridiculous. However, many people are believing these lies and building upon them which, if left alone will be disastrous for this nation, God's people, and future generations.

This isn't just a political problem, its the very culture and nature of this country that's at stake. 
The Assignment

The Lord showed me one night that the way to combat these toxic lies and false accusations is to release the breath of Truth. 

The Word of God is truth. Jesus is Truth. The Spirit of God is Truth. (John 17:17, John 14:6, John 16:13). 

Isaiah 55:8-13 says the Word of God which goes out of His mouth will not return to Him empty. It WILL accomplish what He desires. We are the body of Christ. We are His mouthpiece in the earth. We are filled with His Spirit, His breath. When we speak His Word with a Spirit-filled breath, it WILL accomplish His desires. It will combat lies.

As we proclaim/speak/breathe out the truth, it creates a breeze--a breath or wind of the Spirit throughout the land--oxygenated words of life and truth for others to breathe in and believe. This dispels the toxic clouds that have been at work in our country.

Isaiah also says the thorns and and nettles will be replaced by the cypress and myrtle. The mountains, hills, and trees will rejoice. This spoken Word WILL affect the land. It plants new seed in the land and waters the good seed that's here.

Jesus said the spoken Word washes and cleanses. (John 15:3).

The Word must be spoken from a pure heart, filled with His Spirit.

The Assignment: Speak the Word of God (The Bible) OUT LOUD daily over the next 12 months, releasing the entire Word of God into the atmosphere, and do so with a pure heart.

This assignment begins November 1, 2019. 

You will read the entire Bible out loud in a year. To follow the reading schedule I'm using, go to . I'm doing the Book Order plan. You can either create an account and sign up for the plan on November 1st to have the correct dates on your plan, or click here and scroll down to find the list of which chapters to read each day. 

Each day, before you start reading, take a minute to prepare yourself.
Pray first, be sure your heart is pure.
Commune with the Lord.
Humble yourself
Repent if needed
Receive forgiveness
Get curses off of you
Be filled with the Spirit
Get in alignment with God

Then read the Scriptures OUT LOUD. Proclaim them, even if its just the 'begats' we want to release the whole counsel of God into the Earth's atmosphere--His truth.

Periodically--once a week or once a month--review those Scriptures that seemed to come alive during your daily readings and proclaim them again.

Fast periodically.
Some things cannot be moved, changed, or broken through without fasting.
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