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April 2, 2018

Those who are watchmen on the wall--the "lookouts" who watch for approaching threats, will see things that those who are not on the wall can't see. They may call you--the watchman--an islamaphobic, a hater, or paranoid, because they don't see the potential threats like you do. In their world, all is well, and nothing will change. To a certain degree, they are still enjoying the freedoms we have had since our founding and they expect that to continue. But that doesn't mean we don't have enemies who would like to take us down, and are working hard to do just that. If you see a threat coming, and you can see what will make the people more vulnerable to that threat, then you must sound the alarm, even if it annoys people. That's what we're doing.

We're also praying. And we're using the spiritual weapons the Lord has provided us with to fight against evil. You use these weapons in your own life, and for your family, but also for the land you live in--your city, state, and nation. You have been strategically placed in the earth for a certain time and in a certain place. Occupy this land until He returns. The article below by James Goll gives some good insight into fighting our spiritual enemy.

Don't get mad at those who can't see what you see. Most likely they're not aware that your motive is love, care, and protection. The enemy has deceived them and blinded their minds to truth. It's important our motives remain pure and aligned with the Lord's.

Let's continue to celebrate the power of Jesus' resurrection!
Thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

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Please pray for the 2018 election.
Ask the Lord how to pray, what He is saying about these elections, and what He would have you do to ensure victory for His kingdom.

This Week's Topic
These topics are basic information, but we must not take for granted that our children or new believers are aware of what the Bible says about these issues. Use these links as a resource to share with others. 
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Satan Fights Dirty: How You Can Be Ready

"You have to run over the devil before he runs over you. You are standing on a battlefield (perhaps a different one than you were last year at this time). You may be standing in the middle of an army or you may be standing all alone. Are you just going to stand there, waiting to see what will happen? Or are you going to do something that will allow you to get and keep the upper hand?" Read more here...

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We can look at news events to help identify where we are as a nation. We use this to pray for America. However, keep in mind, that in order to change the direction we are going, we need to speak the Word of God prophetically. This Word might be Scripture spoken in God's timing, or it may be a prophetic word given to us by His Holy Spirit through dreams, visions, or revelation, which we release from a pure heart that is aligned with Him. In either case these words have the power to change or maintain the direction we are going as needed. Don't let the "news" bog you down, but use it as a guide in your prayers and prophetic declarations.
Jihad Watch

Report: Islam poised to overtake Christianity in the UK

Saudi Arabia says it will ban all Muslim Brotherhood books and purge its influence from schools and universities
They get it

Texas: Muslim parents beat teen daughter, poured hot cooking oil on her for refusing arranged marriage

American who escaped Al Qaeda captivity says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him

Pulse nightclub jihad murderer’s father was FBI informant, this kept FBI from indicting killer 3 years before massacre

Robert Spencer: FBI Can’t Find Motive of Muslim Who Drove Burning Minivan Onto Travis Air Force Base

Hamas calls for 100,000 Muslims from Gaza to demonstrate along Israeli border

Swedish MP announces plans to migrate to Hungary to escape Muslim migrant chaos

Al-Qaeda top dog: “Jihad” is the “effective way” to defeat US, goal is to restore caliphate
There's no doubt that the intention is to defeat the U.S., The question for them is simply, what is the best way to do it.

Foreman: “I wish that the FBI had recorded their interviews” with Pulse jihadi’s wife, “significant inconsistencies”

Does the “U.S. Pentagon” know what is in this Koran?
Prager U
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