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July 9, 2018

If you've heard me say anything in the last couple of week's it's been that God is calling us into a deeper growth of faithfulness. Faithfulness is remaining consistently loyal to the Lord through whatever might come our way. Because we have an enemy and an accuser, Satan himself, our faithfulness to the Lord will be tried and tested. However, God has done everything that needs to be done so we can overcome him!

Because of our faith in Jesus, our sins are forgiven, our heart is changed, we can be filled with His Holy Spirit, and remain faithful to the Lord in what we say and do! Through this kind of faithfulness we really do inherit the promises of God. The heavenly blessings of His eternal realm are opened up! I pray this becomes a reality to you as you remain faithful to Him! 

Thank you for your faithful diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

P.S. Today's the day Trump announces his pick for Supreme Court. This could be a huge pro-life win, among other things

Please pray for the 2018 election.
Ask the Lord how to pray, what He is saying about these elections, and what He would have you do to ensure victory for His kingdom.

Prophetic insight, issues, petitions, events, or calls for action

He prophesied this in 2014.

Check it out on

5:35 he begins talking about the Supreme Court
6:26 he tells of a vision he saw regarding the President.
What Role Does Israel Play in the End Times?

Sid Roth interviews Jonathan Bernis about the role of Israel in the end times. From April, 2018

Check it out on

If you haven't already, check out my recent blogs on faithfulness here...

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News Links
Keep up on current news by visiting the sites below.
Click on the picture or the name of the agency to go to their home page. If there is an article title, clicking on that link will take you to the article itself.

We can look at news events to help identify where we are as a nation. We use this to pray for America. Prayer does change things! Don't let the "news" bog you down, but use it as a guide in your prayers and prophetic declarations.
The Daily Signal

This Is the List of the 25 People Trump Will Consider for Next Supreme Court Justice
Of course it's down to three now, and Trump says he'll announce his pick Monday (today).
Jihad Watch

Cash smuggled to jihadis in Middle East from Minneapolis airport that gave Muslims security tours

Facebook permanently bans young anti-migration “Identitarian” movement

Canada: opposition Conservatives rip Trudeau for refusing to acknowledge Christian genocide

Houston: Muslim migrant hired hitman to murder cop, wanted murder to happen after Ramadan

Maine: Muslim brothers defrauded government of $1,400,000, distributed cash to Muslim community

Robert Spencer video: Why isn’t Obama charged with treason for his Iran dealings?

Cleveland: Muslim plotted jihad mass murder on Fourth of July

Iran: “Teams from Israel make clouds entering Iran barren. We are faced with cases of cloud theft and snow theft.”

DOJ agrees not to prosecute Muslim IT staffer for House cybersecurity and theft

Syrian government calls on migrants to return, help rebuild country
Oak Initiative

Understanding the Deep State:
We hear about "the Deep State," but what is it really? These videos explain.

The Assault on Our Constitution Pt 20
Don Brown explains what the Deep State is and how it began.

The Assault on Our Constitution Pt 21
Don Brown goes deeper into the power that the Deep State has and how it is dangerous.

The Assault on Our Constitution Pt 22
Don Brown shows the lack of constitutionality of the Deep State and talks about what we can do about it. 
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