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June 11, 2018

Catching up. That's what the Lord has been talking to me about this week. And then when I was on my walk one morning I saw a flock of geese flying in V-formation. There were a few who were behind and I was impressed to see how hard they flew to catch up to the others. When you need to catch up, you have to work much harder than everyone else.

Somehow, biblical principles have fallen behind in America and we need to do some catching up. We're starting to see it happen here and there, but we still have a ways to go, especially when it comes to our children which is probably the most important area. 

So don't be discouraged is you feel like you're working hard and you don't see the results you'd like. Keep going, keep praying, and don't give up. Sure there are times of rest in the Lord, and we do need to continually seek Him for direction in what we're doing, but sometimes you just need to keep going, doing what you're doing and persevere. All the while we remember that our ultimate answer isn't going to come in an earthly political kingdom, but when Jesus returns to the earth to establish His glorious kingdom. 

Keep up the good work, and thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

P.S. Please keep the summit between Presidnt Trump and North Korea's president Kim Jong-un in prayer. It is tonight (Monday night).

Please pray for the 2018 election.
Ask the Lord how to pray, what He is saying about these elections, and what He would have you do to ensure victory for His kingdom.

Prophetic insight, issues, petitions, events, or calls for action
Keep your hand on the plow......and your eyes on the field....
As tempting as it might be to look away, look back, or look to an easier path, we need to keep our hand on the plow and work in the field the Lord has placed us in. Rather than giving in to the temptation to look away, we look to Jesus. By keeping our eyes on Him we remember how He overcame--by looking to the joy that awaited Him on the other side of the cross. When we keep our eyes on Him, we become like Him, and we too can see the joy and overcome in this life!
Luke 9:62, Hebrews 12:1-2, 1 John 3:2

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We can look at news events to help identify where we are as a nation. We use this to pray for America. However, keep in mind, that in order to change the direction we are going, we need to speak the Word of God prophetically. This Word might be Scripture spoken in God's timing, or it may be a prophetic word given to us by His Holy Spirit through dreams, visions, or revelation, which we release from a pure heart that is aligned with Him. In either case these words have the power to change or maintain the direction we are going as needed. Don't let the "news" bog you down, but use it as a guide in your prayers and prophetic declarations.
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Video from University of Houston: “Palestinian” fascist students shout down Nikki Haley with lies about Gaza

Ramadan in Afghanistan: Jihadis dressed as US soldiers try to shoot their way into Afghan Interior Ministry

Trump, at White House Iftar, hails Ramadan’s “timeless message of peace, clarity, and love”

Robert Spencer Video: Muslim Disrupts Pennsylvania Church Service, Tells Congregation They’re Going to Hell

Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Obama’s Treason: Even Worse Than We Thought

Virginia: Muslim who tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihadi gets 5 years for lying on applications

California: Muslim who plotted Christmas jihad massacre in San Francisco gets 15 years for supporting ISIS

“Punish A Muslim Day The Big No. 2” an obvious hoax perpetrated by Muslims themselves

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Ramadan 2018 Death Toll So Far: 532

Indicted Muslim Congressional IT aide had two wives, kept one “like a slave”

Austria to close 7 mosques, expel imams in crackdown on “political Islam” and foreign financing of mosques

Trump excluded Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups from Iftar at White House
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