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May 14, 2018

The moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, doing away with the Iran deal, the freedom of the hostages in North Korea...what great news! Of course there is still a lot to pray about, and we know conflict could arise at any moment, but its nice to take a minute and thank God for some victories. Today is the day the U.S. embassy officially moves to Jerusalem, on Israel's 70th birthday! Pray for safety and protection. Thank God for leaders who are brave!

This week we're looking at State's Rights--the need to preserve local control. We now have a kids page that corresponds to each of the adult issues page. So I may take a break from adding new content to the website this summer and focus on what God is saying in these times. Please let us know if you come across any good videos for kids on any of our topics. It's hard to find truthful, biblical information. I'm continually amazed at how much anti-biblical content is out there, or at least its in the forefront of the search engines. 

Thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

Please pray for the 2018 election.
Ask the Lord how to pray, what He is saying about these elections, and what He would have you do to ensure victory for His kingdom.

This Week's Topic
These topics are basic information, but we must not take for granted that our children or new believers are aware of what the Bible says about these issues. Use these links as a resource to share with others. 
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Please be aware, since we've been making changes regularly to the website, you may have to refresh the page or clear your browser to get the most current revisions.
A Biblical View of America's Issues 
for KIDS

States: Small Groups
A Biblical View of America's Issues
for older students & adults

State's Rights
Prophetic insight, issues, petitions, events, or calls for action
Get Ready For The Great Awakening!
By Bonnie Jones
May 2018

Some prophetic words regarding Minnesota!
Can the media go any lower?

This "Rick's Rants" isn't just about the media. He makes a lot of good points, and talks a bit about Jim Bakker.
No Safe Spaces

Check out the trailer for this film being released this fall about the attack on free speech on college campuses. Adama Corolla and Dennis Prager.
 Check it out here.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveals the Iranian secret nuclear program

Video: The presentation is given in English, he just says a few words in another language in the beginning. Facebook link here

News Links
Keep up on current news by visiting the sites below.
Click on the picture or the name of the agency to go to their home page.
If there is an article title, clicking on that will take you to the article itself.

We can look at news events to help identify where we are as a nation. We use this to pray for America. However, keep in mind, that in order to change the direction we are going, we need to speak the Word of God prophetically. This Word might be Scripture spoken in God's timing, or it may be a prophetic word given to us by His Holy Spirit through dreams, visions, or revelation, which we release from a pure heart that is aligned with Him. In either case these words have the power to change or maintain the direction we are going as needed. Don't let the "news" bog you down, but use it as a guide in your prayers and prophetic declarations.
Jihad Watch

Netanyahu offers proof that the Iran nuclear deal is based on lies

John Kerry meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister to sabotage Trump’s efforts to scrap the Iran nuke deal

Trump: “Who signs a deal when they’re shouting ‘Death to America’?”

Florida: Muslim who killed girlfriend & daughter, screamed “Allahu akbar,” complains of “attack on my good name”

Kenya: 246 schools close, 917 non-Muslim teachers flee because of jihad attacks

Jamie Glazov: Twitter Suspends Me for Quoting Qur’an and Hadith

US court orders Islamic Republic of Iran to pay $6 billion to families of 9/11 victims

Texas: Muslim teen plotted mass shooting jihad massacre at shopping mall

Video: Undercover in mosques and Muslim organizations in the U.S.

New Jersey: Muslim admits random murder of teen was jihad

Massachusetts: Muslima on bus slashes two passengers’ throats, prays to Allah when questioned by cops

Pennsylvania: Muslim disrupts church service, screams “You press on Muslims’ nerves. You’re going straight to Hell.”

LIVE VIDEO: Trump scraps Iran nuke deal

U.S. Embassy road signs go up in Jerusalem

Who are the White Helmets?

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps fires rockets into Golan Heights, Israel hits Iranian military in Syria

Catholic university in Iowa opens sex-segregated prayer space for Muslim students

Texas: Muslims from Syria caught sneaking across the border from Mexico

Turkey dismisses all witnesses called by pastor accused of terrorism and espionage without hearing them
Update on Pastor Andrew Brunson

Iran threatens to expose Western officials who took bribes to make nuke deal happen

John Kerry caught meeting with Iranian officials in Paris
Secure Freedom Radio
with Frank Gaffney

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