Assignment 2020

Greetings Warriors!

It's been a while since I've written but I'd like to let you know about something the Lord has put on my heart called Assignment 2020. This is a personal assignment for me, but I felt He wanted me to share it with other intercessors, prophetic people, and warriors of the Kingdom, to invite you to participate. If this stirs up your heart then please join with me in this assignment! It starts quickly--November 1st.

I've outlined it in three sections below, The Problem, The Assignment, and Instructions.

Rose Murdock
The Problem

There is toxic breath being released throughout this nation right now. We especially see it in the political/cultural realm.

The toxic breath is spoken lies and false accusations.

There is so much of this going on that these lies are penetrating the hearts of people, deceiving them. They are 'breathing in' these lies that have filled the air.

Jesus said at the end of this age to be careful not to be deceived or misled. (Matthew 24:4, 24). The only way not to be deceived is to be seekers, lovers, and purchasers of the truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11, Proverbs 23:23). 

Those who are speaking lies and making false accusations are trying to make these lies become "truth." Which of course is ridiculous. However, many people are believing these lies and building upon them which, if left alone will be disastrous for this nation, God's people, and future generations.

This isn't just about getting the right candidate elected, its about the biblical foundations of this nation--the land we've been entrusted with by God--being shaken to the core.  
The Assignment

As the Lord showed me these toxic lies swirling around the country, people breathing them in to the point where it poisoned them and heavily deceived them, He also showed me the way to combat them--To release the breath of Truth. 

The Word of God is truth. Jesus is Truth. The Spirit of God is Truth. (John 17:17, John 14:6, John 16:13). To release the breath of truth is to speak the Word of God. Of course our words are to be aligned with the Word of God in our daily lives and conversations, however this assignment is to speak the entire written word we've been given (the Bible) out loud over the next year.

Isaiah 55:8-13 says the Word of God which goes out of His mouth will not return to Him empty. It WILL accomplish what He desires. We are the body of Christ. We are His mouthpiece in the earth. We are filled with His Spirit, His breath. When we speak His Word with a Spirit-filled breath, it WILL accomplish His desires. It will combat lies.

As we proclaim/speak/breathe out the truth, it creates a breeze--a breath or wind of the Spirit throughout the land--oxygenated words of life and truth for others to breathe in and believe. This dispels the toxic breath that has poisoned so many.

Isaiah also says the thorns and nettles will be replaced by the cypress and myrtle. The mountains, hills, and trees will rejoice. This spoken Word WILL affect the land. It plants new seed and waters the good seed that's here.

Jesus said the spoken Word washes and cleanses. (John 15:3).

The Word must be spoken from a pure heart, filled with His Spirit.

The Assignment: Speak the Word of God (The Bible) OUT LOUD daily over the next 12 months, releasing the entire Word of God into the atmosphere, and do so with a pure heart.

This assignment begins November 1, 2019. 

Read the entire Bible out loud in a year. To follow the reading schedule I'm using, go to . I'm doing the Book Order plan. You can either create an account and sign up for the plan on November 1st to have the correct dates on your plan, or click here and scroll down on their website to find the list of which chapters to read each day. Or, you can download a list from our website here.

Each day, before you start reading, take a minute to prepare yourself.
Pray first, be sure your heart is pure.
Commune with the Lord.
Humble yourself
Repent if needed
Receive forgiveness
Get curses off of you
Be filled with the Spirit
Get in alignment with God

Then read the Scriptures OUT LOUD. Proclaim them, even if its just the 'begats' we want to release the whole counsel of God into the Earth's atmosphere--His truth.

Periodically--once a week or so--review those Scriptures that seemed to come alive during your daily readings and proclaim them again.

Some things cannot be moved, changed, or broken through without fasting.

Again, I'm inviting you to join me on this assignment to whatever extent you would like. At anytime we can speak the Word of God out loud and release His truth into the atmosphere of this country!
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