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March 12, 2018

The school shooting in Florida opened up, once again, talk about gun control. The Tenth Amendment Center's article below addresses this and asks the question, "Why do we have to re-defend our rights every time someone commits a crime?" It's ridiculous. No matter who violates the law, we still must allow the people to bear arms. Even more so as these kinds of shooting increase.
I say we need to encourage families to take responsibility for their own family members who are showing signs of mental illness or violence. Just as parents wouldn't allow their three year old child to play with a gun, people need to watch out for any family members who show signs of not being able to handle certain dangerous things--whether its cars, stoves, or guns. It's not the job of lawmakers to protect you and your family. That is your responsibility. 

The more decision-making power we give to the government through laws, the less freedom we have. Don't wait for the government to pass a law, take responsibility for your own life and the safety of your family. The thing is, God doesn't expect us to do this alone. He means for us to trust in Him to give us the wisdom, strength, and resources we need to take care of our families. He also means for us to have a family of believers for support. 

Let's stick together in support of freedom.

Thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

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Parental Rights

Issues, petitions, events, prophetic words, or calls for action
"Open the Heavens Over California! A Call to a 40-Day Fast"

Doug Addison is calling for a 40-day fast from March 1-April 9. This is a different kind of fast though.
The White City

I heard the Lord say this the other day about Washington D.C.
The Politicization of the FBI

An excellent article from IMPRIMIS, which is a publication of Hillsdale College.

Joseph E. diGenova
Former U.S. Attorney
Ryan Anderson Talks "When Harry Became Sally" With Fox News

A short, but good, interview about his new book.
Will This Day Be Famous?

Rick's Rant

Rick talks about some "good news." Specifically, regarding the economy and North Korea.

News Links
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Alliance Defending Freedom

What Government-Compelled Speech Actually Looks Like
What California requires from pro-life pregnancy centers
Center for Security Policy

The Real Russia Story: Port Canaveral “Project Pelican” and Uranium One deals connected through the Jafars
This is a lengthy article, but the link to Project Pelican (pdf) in the first couple paragraphs is just as disturbing. as well as this article:

We could have shipping containers full of foreign nukes in our ports and not know it

CSP's Link to this Washington Times article: More cover-up questions
Jihad Watch

US confirms Jerusalem embassy opening in May 2018

NYC: Three Muslim women awarded $60,000 each for having to remove hijab for mugshots

YouTube secretly using Southern Poverty Law Center to police videos

Utah: Muslim student leaves explosive backpack at high school, posts Islamic State propaganda

Blockbuster movie Black Panther called “Islamophobic”

Robert Spencer Video: 5 U.S. Jihadis You Haven’t Heard Of

US agents untrained in how to deal with Islamic jihadis, don’t understand the jihad threat

Video: Christian refugee returns to Syria because Europe is flooded with ISIS supporters

Univ. of Cincinnati forces prof to retire for noting that Muslim women are safer in US than in Muslim countries

SC: Muslim planted bombs, said they would keep coming “until the Islamic State and flag are above all others”

Alabama: Muslim bought bomb ingredients, targeted police station, military arsenal

Prager U
Tenth Amendment Center

No Explanations Needed to Exercise Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
An excellent point--why do we have to re-defend our rights every time someone else commits a crime?
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