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February 12, 2018

The United States has enjoyed times of peace because of a strong military. Maintaining a strong military, having control of who comes over our borders, and a protective vetting process for immigrants and refugees, are vital to maintain the peace we have enjoyed. 

Why is Protecting Our Land so Important?

Of course there is the obvious reason of protecting freedom in America and our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We do it for the protection of innocent and God-fearing people. We do it so people can live their lives however they feel called by God to live. But in addition to that, just as we are responsible to not allow sin to rule in our own lives, we are not to tolerate it on our land either.

Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden after they disobeyed God. And God not only held Cain responsible for his brother's death after he killed him, but He drove him from the land as well. We are to honor God with our lives, and the land He has placed us in and entrusted us with. You have a "personal land" He has entrusted you with, and He's entrusted all Americans with a land. Let's do our part in honoring Him in and with the land He's given us.

Once again, thank you for your diligence to answer America's call to prayer! 

Rose Murdock

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Armies & Borders
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Military Defense

Issues, petitions, events, or calls for action
President Trump's State of the Union Address

Watch the video here.
Part I    Part II    Part III   Part IV
Read the transcript here.
No Islam in Our Schools

Sign the petition. If you're not sure why we should not have Islam in our schools than click here.
WorldView Weekend TV

Check it out here!
Outback Steakhouse: No Rights, Just Rules

This story from Tennessee is ridiculous!
(Thanks for sharing Terry)
The Memo, The Memo, The Memo
Here are a bunch of articles about "The Memo"
Note that this is not all the ones I could find, as they are everywhere!
These are in chronological order
AMAC: FBI’s No. 2 Official Steps Down Amid Growing Suspicions by Trump Allies

Info Wars: The House Intelligence Committee has released the FISA memo documenting FBI and NSA abuses:

One News Now: Memo declassified, released in full


AMAC: Monumental Nunes Memo Released – Read the Full Text

AMAC: Copy of The Memo (PDF)

The Tenth Amendment Center: The Real News: FISA Memo Reveals Surveillance State Operates With Virtually No Accountability

The Daily Signal:
 The Facts Currently Known About Nunes Memo, FBI Bias Accusations

The John Birch Society: What’s in the 4 Page Memo? (Video)
A good, fairly quick summary

Understanding the Threat: FISA is a Constitutional & Needed Weapon in This War

Newsmax: FBI Text Messages Imply Obama's Involvement in Clinton Probe

AMAC: The Plot Thickens: Grassley-Graham Letter Sheds New Light on Steele Dossier, Nunes Memo

Info Wars: DNC Colluded With Yahoo News, Sparked Russiagate

Front Page Mag: The Clinton Dossier

One News Now: Obama's claims at odds with newly released Strzok/Page texts

Conservative HQ: Investigating The Messenger #HeadsMustRoll
Click here to sign the "Heads Must Roll" letter to Congress

Of course we knew Clinton and Obama would end up in the middle of all this.

News Links
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American Family Association (AFA)

Walgreens Follows Target in Bathroom Policy
Well, add Walgreens to the list of stores to boycot. I hope everyone is still boycotting Target.
Jihad Watch

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate under fire for calling Islam “antithesis of Constitution”
I like the point he makes on the difference between Muslims and Islam.

Trump administration puts new sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas top dog Ismail Haniyeh

FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America

Philadelphia: Muslim who shot cop says, “I follow Allah, and that’s why I did what I did”

State Department embraces Islamic cleric who OK’d killing Americans in Iraq, called for Israel’s destruction
There is a whole lot of draining yet to be done in the  State Department 

FBI questioned Muslima four months before her jihad arson attack for exhorting Muslims to join jihad terror groups

Bronx: Muslim accused of supporting ISIS laughs through court appearance, grins and waves to courtroom

Virginia: Muslim who tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihadi pleads guilty to lying on applications

Oklahoma: Muslim screaming “Allah” stabs man for not embracing Islam

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley featured speaker at Hamas-linked CAIR’s Chicago “Resistance” Banquet
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