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Nov 27 11:30am-6pm

In the spirit of the season, we are going to have a Friendsgiving party! After the morning classes at CH, we will gather to celebrate our awesome community at Outbreak Fitness!

It will be a pot luck, so please bring any food/beverages you'd like to share with everyone. This time around, we will not be cooking anything on the grill, so bring everything ready to eat!

Check out details on our Facebook event page

Check the calendar WODIFY to see our many interval classes!


Need to flush out those muscles from a heavy strength training day? Want to improve your cardio endurance so you can smash those Metcons? Join us for Interval Class!
The primary focus of this class will be to create high energy and high intensity using various dynamic, explosive movements (rowing, running, biking, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and your own body).

CH Saturday 12:30 - 1:30
EW Sunday 11:30 - 12:30

Join Sol for Vinyasa Yoga! Improve your mobility/ general range of motion, learn how to breathe more efficiently, develop your balance, and reinforce good positioning to enhance your WOD performance. Open to all Levels.

7 Reasons Why Crossfitters Should Practice Yoga


Lock down those

with these tips!
Common Mistake: Feet too narrow.
Fix: Keep your feet hip distance apart, especially when they are split apart to keep your balance easier.

Common Mistake: Front heel coming off the ground.
Fix: Keep your weight in your heel on the front foot to ensure you are engaging your glutes properly and keeping your knees safe. Your knee should track right over your ankle instead of pushing forward over your toe.

Common Mistake: Leaning forward.
Fix: Keep your shoulders above your hips to make sure you are going up and down with your torso instead of forward and back.

Meet Coach Sarah!

Where do you consider your hometown?
          Ithaca, NY
What sports activities were you into growing up?
          Lacrosse and Ice Hockey

What got you into crossfit, and how long ago?
          I heard about Crossfit when it first started, but my work in Boston made it pretty hard to commit. So when I moved to NYC  almost 4 years ago, I figured why not. At least I could meet some pretty cool people.

What's your fitness education background?
         CF Level 1 & 2, USAW L1, CF Mobility/Gymnastics, The Active Life Certification. The Outlaw Way Competition Certification

What triggered you to start coaching?
           I majored in developmental psychology, with a goal of helping others. The type of form varied in degree based on past jobs. When I started crossfit, I knew the physical benefits but was amazed by the mental growth. Within a few months of starting, I knew I wanted to help pass that feeling of empowerment on to others.

What are you personal crossfit goals?
           A body weight snatch.

Your greatest crossfit or fitness achievement?
           I'd say going from no running to training for the NYC Marathon has been the biggest challenge to date.

Biggest crossfitter pet peeve?
            Chalk need to completely coat your hands in chalk, walk away and leave a trail of it on the floor.

Favorite crossfit movement?
           Snatch. Perfect blend of power and patience.

Least favorite?
           I have a love/ hate relationship with the assault bike.

What motivates you?
            My mom

Your dream cheat meal?
           Honestly not to sound too nerdy, but I have a nutritionist and follow the macro guidelines. Macros allow me eat what ever I want, as long as it fits my numbers.  However, I am a sucker for a buttery lobster and really crispy skinny cut French fries with a fair amount of sea salt.

Your training music?
          Anything really. Sometimes I'll put on classical/opera when I'm lifting. German based techno during a Metcon and even nothing when I need to reel my mental game in.

If you could only take 3 items with you while stranded on a deserted island, what would they be?
           (coach) laura took my practical options. Lol. 1-Machete, 2- water filter, 3- some type of super sized solar powered radio.

If you could have one SuperPower what would it be and how would you use it?
         I'd want a pair of gills to breath underwater. Life in the ocean is so magnificent and peaceful and right about now I'd never come back up.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
          Hmm...I'd probably test their swimming abilities.

One thing about you most people don’t know.
           Outside of work and just myself, I hate making group decisions. I always deflect.

Any other thoughts or advice?
           Never assume something's not possible without even trying. Anything is possible with the right mindset and support group.

Stay connected:

Check out what's happening at our box and in our community by joining our Facebook Group!

CFO Store:

The store is cash or store credit only. If you need store credit, please give $20 or more to one of the trainers and we will write down how much credit you have available.

Reminders from your coaches!
  • Try to get to class early, at least 10 or 15 minutes! You’ll get more out of each class if you’re able to foam roll and/or lightly stretch tight or sore muscles. Save heavy stretching for after class, but try to do it while your muscles are still warm.
  • Protein and water! Protein is most effective in the hour or so after a WOD, since the metabolic increase caused by the activity will distribute nutrients throughout the body more quickly, allowing repair to begin more quickly.
  • Eat before class, but not right before! Food is fuel, and is essential to power your body through the demanding workouts you’ll encounter here. Most people do well with eating about an hour and a half before class.
  • Please use the WODify system! Reserve your spot for a class. There are a lot of good reasons to – you and the coaches will be able to track your workouts and see your progress over time. It will also allow coaches to help you on movements you may find particularly challenging, and it allows you to ‘like’ and comment on your classmates lifts and times, so you can say nice things to each other. 
  • Ask your coaches! If you have questions, ask them! You never know what cue might help a difficult movement ‘click’ for you.

Keep on WODing,

Adam & Shimi


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