CFO Newsletter September 2016
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We’re re-branding!

In the coming weeks CrossFit Outbreak will officially become Outbreak Fitness!
Why? We’re going to roll out 50 min interval classes starting at EW first and we would like our name to reflect all that our gym has to offer. Beyond that, everything else will be exactly the same: SAME amazing community, SAME CrossFit Classes, SAME great coaches, and SAME love of fitness!

All our boxes will be officially affiliated by CFHQ and all our coaches will and will always have at least an L1 to coach our CrossFit classes.


Oct 16 3-7pm

Time for another guy's day, this time we will be having an afternoon workout and BBQ at CFO Clinton Hill. We will provide the grill and the workout!

Check out details on our Facebook event page

Starting 10/15

CH Saturday 10:15-11:15
EW Sunday 11:30 - 12:30


The primary focus of this class will be to create high energy and high intensity using various dynamic, explosive movements (rowing, running, biking, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and your own body).

Each class is open and complimentary to all members, friends and family. No crossfit experience needed. Please sign-up through Wodify.

Starting 10/22

CH Saturday 12:30 - 1:30
EW Sunday 11:30 - 12:30

We are adding yoga classes for you starting next weekend!  Join us for a great addition to your athletic conditioning.


Saturday, Oct 29

Celebrate the Halloween season with us!  Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, Oct 30

Join coaches Laura and Sarah for our October ladies event. Sweat hard, brunch hard!

Check out details on our Facebook event page
Congratulations to our winners of the Fall Brawl in-house competition!

Boost your


with these tips!
Common Mistake: Focusing on your hands.
Fix: Try focusing on your feet instead.  Shoot your legs back before your hands hit the ground.

Common Mistake: Holding your breathe.
Fix: Make sure you breathe at a steady pace. Your body needs oxygen to work efficiently.

Common Mistake: Arching your back.
Fix: Over-arching can lead to pain very quickly. Keep your abs braced nice and tight to support your lower back.

Common Mistake:  Losing range of motion.
Fix: Remember, your chest must touch the ground (not just your belly and hips).  Also, your hips must fully extend at the top (try looking straight ahead as your jump up to remind yourself).

Common Mistake: Resting instead of Pacing
Fix: Instead of taking rests between each burpee, try taking them at a slower pace. Going slow and steady will help you keep your momentum, instead of exerting the energy to start again.
Meet Coach Laura!

Where do you consider your hometown?
          Portland, Maine
What sports activities were you into growing up?
           I was a big soccer and lacrosse player growing up, as well as a competitive horseback rider (fun, little-known fact!). I played lacrosse in college (and soccer, for the first few weeks of my freshman year, when I destroyed my ankle and promptly ended my soccer career before the regular season even started).

What got you into crossfit, and how long ago?
    I actually first head of CrossFit and started doing CrossFit style workouts around 2010/2011 when I was living in the Dominican Republic. The little gym I went to started holding crossfit style classes, which I loved. I then saw CrossFit sort of explode in the states when I returned; I went to my first “real’ CrossFit box in Maine during the summer of 2014. I loved/hated that I felt like I was in decent shape and then suddenly realized that was not at all the case! I loved the communal aspect, as I missed playing team sports, as well as the fact that I could be competitive with myself and see concrete gains.

What triggered you to start coaching?
            Adam first planted the seed, so I give him credit J. I am passionate about the development of female athletes, physically strong women, and how physical fitness affects girls’ and women’s self-image, professional life, and self-confidence. Consequently, I was passionate about ensuring that Outbreak had female coaches on staff, and was really excited to blend my love of teaching with CrossFit.

What are you personal crossfit goals?
           -To be able to make it through all CrossFit Open workouts Rx next year; which basically translates into my mastering all forms of muscle ups.  
           -To snatch more weight with excellent form

Your greatest crossfit or fitness achievement?
            Even though I hate the idea of running another marathon, I suppose running one was a major achievement. Mostly it taught me that, with responsible training, my body could do things that I never thought it was capable of doing. I think I carried this confidence, or idea of possibility into CrossFit, and I’m now far stronger and more fit than I ever was while marathon training!

Biggest crossfitter pet peeve?
            When people don’t erase their mini whiteboards before putting them back…! Though I’ve never actually asked anyone to do that, because it seems too pet-peevy. But I’m hoping that one day it will magically happen.

Favorite crossfit movement?
           Over the bar burpees! Or box jumps.

Least favorite?
           Ring dips

What motivates you?
           The feeling I get after completing a tough workout and knowing I pushed myself as hard as possible; people cheering me on; the idea of being stronger and faster than most chicks I walk by on the street.

Your dream cheat meal?
           Something involving a lot of dark chocolate. Perhaps most specifically the dark chocolate cake from Lady Bird Bakery in Park Slope. Look into it.

Your training music?
          90s rock…I may be with Adam on this one-- old Rage Against the Machine.

Your other personal hobbies?
           I’m really into art, and used to draw and paint a lot. I haven’t been making art lately at all because my life is so busy these days…but I’m hoping to get back to it.

If you could only take 3 items with you while stranded on a deserted island, what would they be?
          -A Machete
          -A water filter
          -An e-reader stuffed full of all the classic books I still need to read. This may in fact be the only way I get around to reading them. Someone, please drop me on a deserted island with only these items!

If you could have one SuperPower what would it be and how would you use it?
        I would be able to magically receive free plane tickets to and from any destination world wide, from all major airlines. I would use this power to travel to a few key places I should see in my lifetime, and also to gift a lot of tickets to people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to see other parts of the world. Our planet is rad, and I feel so lucky to have seen what I have so far.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
          By challenging all zombies to a Murph face off. If they lose, they leave.

One thing about you most people don’t know.
           I haven’t eaten a hamburger in 17 years (but it goes without saying that Adam’s grilling skills tempt me).

Any other thoughts or advice?
           Push yo’self. You’re capable of more than you think. BUT…listen to your body. Some days you’re tired. Or your back is tired. And you don’t need to do that last rep of that heavy deadlift… :/

Stay connected:

Check out what's happening at our box and in our community by joining our Facebook Group!

Stay tuned for more NEW CLASSES:

Outbreak is going to be offering interval classes at EW. 50 min classes. We will be working on functional movements, no barbell, no prescribed weights, no counting reps! 

CFO Store:

The store is cash or store credit only. If you need store credit, please give $20 or more to one of the trainers and we will write down how much credit you have available.

Reminders from your coaches!
  • Try to get to class early, at least 10 or 15 minutes! You’ll get more out of each class if you’re able to foam roll and/or lightly stretch tight or sore muscles. Save heavy stretching for after class, but try to do it while your muscles are still warm.
  • Protein and water! Protein is most effective in the hour or so after a WOD, since the metabolic increase caused by the activity will distribute nutrients throughout the body more quickly, allowing repair to begin more quickly.
  • Eat before class, but not right before! Food is fuel, and is essential to power your body through the demanding workouts you’ll encounter here. Most people do well with eating about an hour and a half before class.
  • Please use the WODify system! Reserve your spot for a class. There are a lot of good reasons to – you and the coaches will be able to track your workouts and see your progress over time. It will also allow coaches to help you on movements you may find particularly challenging, and it allows you to ‘like’ and comment on your classmates lifts and times, so you can say nice things to each other. 
  • Ask your coaches! If you have questions, ask them! You never know what cue might help a difficult movement ‘click’ for you.

Keep on WODing,

Adam & Shimi


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