Newsflash for the NEREUS community
The Parliament Debate on "What can Sentinels do for Regions?" was a breakthrough for voicing regional concerns.
The material is now available online | Brochure | Report | Webstory |
Network Affairs
  • Following the NEREUS Breakfast meeting on "Space Technologies for Maritime Challenges in Europe", an informal group of network partners exchanged on their capabilities in the field as well as on specific topics for future collaborations. MERCATOR-OCEAN gave as invited speaker a presentation that served as a basis for the discussion | Download the presentationGet in touch to know more about this initiative!
  • NEREUS experts have contributed to the European Space Agency's Copernicus Briefs, illustrating how Copernicus applications can effectively support policy-makers tackling specific territorial challenges. The NEREUS community is encouraged to look into the Copernicus Briefs and use them for dissemination activities. We wish to thank all NEREUS experts who took part in the initiative! 
  • NEREUS General Assembly | Brussels, 22 November 2016
  • NEREUS Workshop "When Space Technologies meet Agriculture -  Fostering Interregional collaborations, investments and definition of users requirements" (14th/15th November 2016, Matera, Basilicata Region).
Working Groups
  • The EO/Copernicus Workin Group published an open document with 24 regional examples of "How Space can make the difference for the Agriculture sector", which set the basis for participating in ERIAFF's annual conference | Download the document | Provide an example 
  • The GNSS Working Group is currently exploring project opportunities. The GNSS WG will be represented by Prof. Alessandro Caporali (Veneto Region) at the NEREUS Workshop in Basilicata Region, providing a shared view on "When Space Technologies meet Rural Development". The next GNSS WG Meeting is planned for the 23rd November 2016 in Brussels, following the NEREUS General Assembly. More information will follow. 
  • NEREUS | Activity Report 2015 | Download
  • NEREUS | Position Paper on "Recommendations on adding a Regional dimension to the European Space Strategy" | Download 
  • EC - DG GROW | Workshop on "Market Conditions for the Space Industry" (Brussels, 5-6 July) | Assesment of the International Competition and State of the Internal Market for Space-based Applications and Services | Read on
  • ASD-Eurospace | Press release summarizing statements regarding the upcoming "Space strategy for Europe" and the issue of space industrial policy in this context | Read on
Featured Events
  • Open Call for Interest for COPERNICUS RELAYS (European Commission - DG Grow) | Acting as principal helpdesks/ information points on the Programme, Copernicus Relays will provide stakeholders, the general public and expereinced users with technical assistance and foster awareness activities | Deadline: 23 September 2016 | Call | Application form |
  • ESA's Networking Partnering Initiative | Co-funding, access to ESTEC laboratories, technical support and networking are some examples of support that the Networking Partnering Initiative can offer to universities and research organizations in ESA Member States presenting proposals for doctoral and post-doctoral research in technical domains relevant to the “Spaceship EAC” project | More information |
  • REXUS/BEXUS – Rocket and Balloon Experiments for University Students  | The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) realize the bilateral programme allowing students from universities and higher education colleges across Europe to carry out scientific and technological experiments on research rockets and balloons | More information |
  • Drop / Spin your Thesis Programme | ESA provides university students with the chance to perform experimental research in facilities not usually accessible to students. During a certain time frame during the year, students, together with their endorsing professors, are encouraged to submit their proposals for experiments in the Large Diameter Centre (LDC) and in the ZARM Drop Tower | Spin Your Thesis | Drop Your Thesis
  • The 1st BELS Call for Expression of Interest is still open!  Check out the framework conditions of the call and how to apply at!
    The next evaluation is envisaged for September 2016! Take this opportunity to make your GNSS solution ready for new emerging markets!


Good reads 

We picked some interesting articles containing reflections on the impact of Brexit on the space sector. Enjoy the read! 
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