Newsflash for the NEREUS community
Changing seasons with NEREUS
Building on last year's activities, we are happy to share the highlights of upcoming opportunities for the NEREUS community! 
Together with Basilicata Region, NEREUS is organizing a two-day workshop aiming at promoting the uses of Europe's space systems for the agricultural sector as well as exploring opportunities for the development of space applications for agriculture in the framework of Rural Development Programmes. Capitalizing on the joint efforts of the NEREUS EO/Copernicus Working Group, co-chaired by Prof. Valerio Tramutoli (University of Basilicata) and Branka Cuca (Politecnico of Milan), a sound network community consolidated | DRAFT Program
  • NEREUS GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2016 | 22.11.2016 (Brussels, Committee of the Regions) 
The General Assembly is a unique moment for the NEREUS community to come together and exchange on network affairs. This year's GA will foster a network dialogue on the future of the European space policy and its challenges, inviting Sabine Lecrenier (European Commission, Head of Unit "Space Policy and Research") to give a keynote speach. Other events will be built around the GA in order to offer NEREUS members opportunities to learn, exchange and network. Stay tuned for sessions on Pre-Commercial Procurement, Space for Maritime Issues and Working Groups meetings | Read the Activity Report 2015 
  • COPERNICUS FOR LOCAL AND REGIONAL AUTHORITIES by NEREUS selected for the European Commission's Training and Info Sessions to be held in 9 Member States between 2016 and 2017. The first session will be held in Greece | Agenda | Register |
  • 65 NEW TRAININGS AND 19 NEW INSTITUTIONS IN THE NEREUS E-CATALOGUE | Space training in NEREUS Member Regions is included in a comprehensive up-to-date online tool that showcases university, vocational and apprenticeship trainings across Europe. Explore the 317 courses given by 133 institutions in 25 Regions across Europe | E-Catalogue
  • NEREUS EXPERTS CONTRIBUTED TO ESA BRIEFS ON COPERNICUS APPLICATIONS | A pool of NEREUS experts contributed to the European Space Agency's descriptions of Copernicus applications in different thematic areas. New ones will be published regularly and can be used to demonstrate how Copernicus can support in solving concrete issues in territorial management Download Copernicus Briefs | 
  • FROM TECHNOLOGIES TO CROSS-SECTORIAL SPACE APPLICATIONS | Driven by the proactivity of NEREUS' active members, different communities of interest have consolidated around themes such as Space Applications for Development Aid, for Maritime challenges, for Agriculture or Tourism | Signal interest for a theme!
  • IMPROVING COPERNICUS UPTAKE AMONG LOCAL AND REGIONAL AUTHORITIES | Together with the European Space Agency (ESA), NEREUS has been exploring the penetration of Copernicus satellite data in the workflows of public administrations across Europe | More info | Final Report | Final Brochure | Final Event |
  • SPACE GIRLS SPACE WOMEN | Aiming at raising awareness on the broad range of professional opportunities in the space sector, the Space Girls Space Women exhibition portrays 50 women "with their heads in the stars". As a sponsoring partner, NEREUS offers its members the unique opportunity to host the exhibition with limited costs. After Apulia, Lombardy, Abruzzo, East Midlands and Azores, be the next one to host the exhibition and inspire the young community in your Region | More info | Get in touch
  • EO/COPERNICUS | The WG, co-chaired by Prof. Valerio Tramutoli (University of Basilicata) and Branka Cuca (Politecnico of Milan) published an open document with 24 regional examples exploring "How Space can make the difference for the Agriculture sector". This proactiveness set the basis for NEREUs' participation in ERIAFF's annual conference as well as the organization of the upcoming workshop in Basilicata Region (see Save the Date!) Download the document | Provide an example 
  • GNSS | The WG is currently exploring project opportunities. Its' views will be represented by Prof. Alessandro Caporali (Veneto Region) at the upcoming NEREUS workshop in Basilicata Region "When Space Technologies meet Rural Development" (see Save The Date!). The next GNSS WG Meeting is planned around the General Assembly 2016. More information will follow.
  • COMMUNICATION, EDUCATION AND TRAINING | The WG co-chairs, Michel Bousquet (Occitanie) and Martina Hilger (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen) have been exploring project opportunities and developing research for "Blackout - A Day without Satellites", a collection of facts, figures and stories on the importance of satellites in our daily lives | Do you have a story on  satellites in our daily lives? Get in touch
  • The European Commission organized on 5th/6th July 2016 a workshop on “Market conditions for the space industry workshop” | The presentations are online |
  • The European Space Agency organized on the 10th of September 2016 22 forums for citizens' debates across Europe to discuss the future of Space. More than 2000 participants attended, prepared to the discussion by ESA's informative material which has been broadly distributed beforehand. NEREUS is mentioned in the focus on "Who 'does' Space?" (p.8). A day without satellites; Space in our daily lives; 10 main space actors; interviews to astronauts and explorers are other issues adressed in the magazine | ESA's magazine on Citizens' Debate |  
  • On 2 August, the European Commission published an ex-post evaluation of the Copernicus programme and its intial operations (2011-2013). The independent evaluation study shares conclusions and recommendations after five years since the publication og the GMES GIO regulation (2010). "Increased interaction with regional authorities" and a "very much sharper focus on (and understanding of) user needs" are highlighted | Download the evaluation study
  • COPERNICUS ACADEMY NETWORK - Create new skills and dedicated trainings while fostering innovative educational paths around Copernicus (Deadline: 13.10.2016) 
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