Genesis 11:10-26
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1.   True or False 
        The three problems with building a tower to the heavens are:
  • Arrogant spirit
  • Pride of life
  • Rebel heart
2.   Did Job Challenge God as to why prideful and arrogant people prosper, and what was His response?
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Correction from last lesson:  I said that Job was without sin.  This is not true. What I meant to say was that his friends were accusing him of a sin resulting in his suffering.


I did not put out a lesson last week because we were moving :)

Genesis 11:10-26

Shem’s Descendants

10.These are the generations of Shem. When Shem was 100 years old, he fathered Arpachshad two years after the flood. 11.And Shem lived after he fathered Arpachshad 500 years and had other sons and daughters. 12. When Arpachshad had lived 35 years, he fathered Shelah. 13. And Arpachshad lived after he fathered Shelah 403 years and had other sons and daughters. 14. When Shelah had lived 30 years, he fathered Eber. 15And Shelah lived after he fathered Eber 403 years and had other sons and daughters.16. When Eber had lived 34 years, he fathered Peleg. 17. And Eber lived after he fathered Peleg 430 years and had other sons and daughters. 18. When Peleg had lived 30 years, he fathered Reu. 19 And Peleg lived after he fathered Reu 209 years and had other sons and daughters. 20. When Reu had lived 32 years, he fathered Serug. 21. And Reu lived after he fathered Serug 207 years and had other sons and daughters. 22. When Serug had lived 30 years, he fathered Nahor. 23. And Serug lived after he fathered Nahor 200 years and had other sons and daughters. 24. When Nahor had lived 29 years, he fathered Terah. 25. And Nahor lived after he fathered Terah 119 years and had other sons and daughters. 26. When Terah had lived 70 years, he fathered Abram, Nahor, and Haran.

Here we see a genealogy from Shem to Abram, and this text is important to show his lineage from Adam, to Seth, to Noah, and down to Shem (one of Noah's 3 sons.)  Also, take note that lives started to shorten from Genesis 5.  

The Lord shortens the lives of men for our own good.  Psalm 90:10 reveals that a a full life for men and women is now 70 or 80, as life is but toil and trouble.  
I imagine that you can see this truth whether in your own life or in the lives of others.  Living is hard and full of pain and struggle.  We find ourselves either in the middle of trials and tribulations or blessings and happiness.  We have all experienced the ups and downs of this life.  As sin and evil are amongst us, we will always feel some kind of war coming at us.  I would love to share this beautiful gift of words that was given to a friend of Becky's.  I made it into an art piece that will hang on my wall when it arrives. 

Friends, even though it doesn't feel like it when you lose a loved one or death is approaching in your life, death is God's blessing to us.  He makes us right with Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, and death becomes life in heaven perfectly and eternally.  If God gave us eternal life on earth, then we would live in pain and suffering, ups and downs, for all of eternity.  But rather, God gave His Son up to pay for our sins so that we can spend eternity in perfection (without sin) with God.  
Come to me as readily as your child brings everything to you.  Come quickly.  Come unashamed. I will never smack you down. I will never turn you away. I will never harm you. I will never belittle you. I willl always turn my ear to you.

I am always present.
I will be looking for you, looking for me.
You will always find tenderness when you seek me in times of vulnerability.
I deal sternly with sin, not with you. I will dismantle evil.

Sometimes it appears my war is coming right at you.
I always stop when I'm through the sin and get to you.
But you will feel the pressure of the dismantling. 
It is happening all around you.
You will ALWAYS be protected and upheld.

I have already won.

When you are uncomfortable, be expectant because I am moving.
When pain feels close, get excited
I am doing a very good thing.

Loss is never final in me.

I withhold no good thing.

Your vulnerability is being used to disarm shame and break down evil.

Trust Me.
Next week: We will go through Terah's descendants and get into the life of Abram.
I will answer on the next lesson.
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