Issue 21,  March 2016 
We trust you have enjoyed a good start to the year!
Read on for shop updates, and a discussion of violin E strings.
Things are settling in to a new routine, after closing our Hawthorn store at the end of 2015 and amalgamating everything back to the Collingwood shop. You will still see the familiar faces from both stores at 26 Smith Street!
New hours:  As usual, weekday hours are 9am - 6pm; and we are now open on Saturday from 10am - 5pm, so there is more time on Saturday to come and visit us!
Plain/Carbon Steel
Jargar, Hill, Larsen, Larsen Tzigane, Corelli Alliance Vivace, Corelli Crystal, Kaplan Golden Spiral, Lenzner Goldbrokat, Helicore
Chrome/Stainless Steel
Evah Pirazzi Gold (black packet)Dominant, Vision Titanium Solo, Warchal Spiral, Warchal Brilliant, Chromcor, Prazision

- These are the least affected by hand perspiration, and as a consequence are longer lasting

Tin-plated Steel
Eudoxa, Gold, Obligato, Violino, Synoxa, Aricore, Piranito, Dominant (tin variety), Vision, Vision Solo, Infeld Blue, Zyex, Peter Infeld (tin variety)

Silvery Steel
Tonica, Evah Pirazzi (green packet)Wondertone Solo, Passione, Passione Solo

- The ‘Silvery Steel’ strings from the Pirastro range are made from a special formulation of tin-plated carbon steel, and are meant to sound more brilliant and louder than the plain steel ones.  (Therefore, should you wish to make your E string sound less bright or ‘warmer’, you might prefer for a different steel string)

'Advanced' Steel
Wondertone Solo  ('advanced' variety - warmer sound than silvery steel) 

Gold-plated Chrome Steel
Oliv, Obligato Gold, Infeld Red , Peter Infeld (gold variety)

Gold-plated Carbon Steel
Evah Pirazzi  (green packet, gold variety)

- Gold plated E strings are prone to whistling, although not on all instruments.
 The Evah Pirazzi gold variety does not seem to be as much affected by whistling as other gold varieties.

Platinum-plated Chrome Steel
Peter Infeld  (platinum variety)

Wound Steel - Aluminium
Kaplan non-whistling, Kaplan Golden Spiral (aluminium variety), Helicore (aluminium variety), Eudoxa (aluminium variety)

Wound Steel - Chrome
Pirastro No.1

- Wound E strings may not sound as powerful as the non-wound ones; they can tend to sound dull on some violins, but might be appropriate for some of the orchestral repertoire. Their gauge is a bit thicker and consequently gentler under the fingers of children and teenage players.

Plain Gut

- Plain gut strings have a warm sound, and give the authentic sound and feel sought by those specialising in early music, Baroque repertoire etc.

See below for a couple of examples of popular E-strings.

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