Generation S
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Dear Fellow Supporters of Integrated Reporting,
This morning my good friend and colleague, Georg Kell, published a piece on The Huffington Post titled “Together, we are Generation S.” As you all know, Georg was the Founding Executive Director of the UN Global Compact. He is now Vice Chairman of Arabesque Partners and acts as a Senior Advisor to the Global Compact.
In introducing the concept of “Generation S,” Georg notes that:
“The term, whilst new, reflects a movement that has in fact been growing for years and is recognized in guises such as ‘corporate sustainability’ or ‘responsible investment’. The actions of Generation S range from redefining the purpose of the corporation to new accounting methods including integrated reporting and innovative investment vehicles such a thematic bonds linked to environmental or social goals. Underpinning these developments is a common and broadening acceptance that business as usual is no longer a viable option, and that business success now goes beyond mere short-term reward. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are no longer extra financial considerations. They form part of the very foundations of successful markets.”
Georg argues that members of Generation S, which is defined by a mindset rather than age cohort groups, will help bring about a more sustainable world through the decisions they make, such as the products they buy, the places the work, and the investments they make. At Arabesque we want to create a movement to help define and recruit members of Generation S.
I hope you will be one of them.

Kind regards,


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