Troubleshooting if you get stuck
Hello fellow journalers! This is the final page in my series on journaling your goals.

Since this series began, you've chosen realistic, achievable goals that really matter to you. You're committed and confident you can achieve them. You've mapped out your goals and you're tracking your progress as you go, gaining valuable experience and momentum along the way.

There's really only one thing left to say: You've got this!

Yes, you do. Even if you run into trouble along the way, even if you get a little stuck, you've still got this.
Today's page is all about troubleshooting your goal pursuit when things aren't proceeding quite as you planned or expected. Don't let temporary obstacles stop you from achieving your goals. Now is not the time to give up! Instead, take a moment to regroup. Just as you approach your goals one step at a time, you can approach obstacles in the same way. Think of one thing that's holding you back. Just one. Then brainstorm a way, or two, to move forward. 

If you need some additional inspiration to get you unstuck, try these ideas:
  • Consider a different perspective: Turn your obstacle around -- how is this moment an opportunity for growth? How is this moment an opportunity to add to your skillset in a way that will help you down the road?
  • Renew your focus: What's one part of achieving this goal that really matters to you? Focus on that part as you work to get back on track.
  • Reach out: Call that one person who's on your side, who will give you great advice and a warm hug, who will cheer you on no matter what. Soak up their belief in you.
Then give yourself one small task, one thing you can do right now in pursuit of your goal. Just one.

Do that thing. Celebrate that thing. Then move to the next step.

You've got this. You really do.

You'll find the final journal page in this series here:

Goal Setter Journal Pages - Part 6: Troubleshooting (if I get stuck)

Best wishes and happy journaling,
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