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Hi there,

As soon as I added kaboom! to my list of potential k-words for this page, I knew I wanted to use it. I pictured that comic book illustration, you know the one, with the bold kaboom! lettering and puffs of smoke and stars bursting out from all sides. It's such a fun word, especially when you add an exclamation mark!

I settled in to write an exciting new journal prompt and quickly discovered that all of my initial ideas involved destruction. Things were going kaboom! all over the place. And, just like that, it didn't feel like fun anymore. For a while, I replaced kaboom! with other words and wrote other prompts.

But I kept coming back to it. Maybe I could turn it around or upside down or inside out. After all, thinking about opposites and contradictions is one of my favourite ways to explore new perspectives in my journal.

So, I turned my attention to things that don't go kaboom!. Which reminded me of the hero of the story (that's you, by the way!), who swoops in, uses their superpowers to keep things from kabooming! all over the place, and saves the day. Suddenly, I had a new prompt!

I hope the kaboom! on this page reminds you of the ways you persevere, overcome, and follow through on the projects that matter to you.
K is for kaboom! printable journal page
If you'd like to journal the letter k with me, I'll send it to you! Click reply and tell me one project you've kept from going kaboom! Not only will you get a head start on the first prompt in this printable, but I'll also send a reply in return along with the pdf file* so you can keep journaling!


P.S. If you're new to this alphabet-inspired journal series, I'm sharing the process with you -- and these printable journal pages! -- as I go. You can find more information about pages a through j, plus some of my other page projects, here.

* The file will include two page sizes: letter and A4.
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Hi, I'm Christie. I create colourful, curious, forward-looking printable guided journal pages designed to give you a thoughtful collection of good to reasons to pick up your favourite pen, pencil, marker or paintbrush and start journaling right now.
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