Confidence and commitment
Hello and welcome to Part Three in my ongoing series, Journaling Your Goals!

In the last newsletter, we talked about the importance of choosing specific, difficult goals -- goals that move you one step closer to becoming the person you know you can be. In the next newsletter, we'll begin to break down those goals into achievable steps. But today, let's take one more opportunity to make sure that the goals you've chosen are really and truly the goals for you.

Ask yourself two questions, "Am I committed to seeing my goals through to completion?" and "Do I believe I can achieve them?"

When you set out to do difficult things, there are bound to be challenges along the way. There will be setbacks. You will need to persist and persevere. You will have to find ways to overcome challenges and rebound from setbacks. At times, you will have to increase your efforts and develop new strategies on the go. Are you prepared to do that?

An unqualified, "Yes!", is the answer we're looking for in response to these questions.

But what if your first instinct is closer to a qualified, "Maybe."?

Stress not! Today's newsletter is not about discouraging you from achieving your goals; it's about crafting a solid foundation. It's about making sure you've chosen goals that you actually want to achieve. (Because those are the ones that excite you, that motivate you, that make your every single extra effort worthwhile.) It's about framing them in a way that makes sense to you and gives you the best chance to see them through. Let's work on that.
Today's page, like last week's, asks you to consider one goal at a time. (Feel free to print this page as many times for as many goals as you like!)

Start by writing down your goal. Do this part in pencil. You may want to tweak it after you've completed the rest of the prompts.

Next, let's talk commitment. Your goal is a promise you've made to yourself to do this thing, to move forward in this way. How will you keep that promise? Write about the parts that excite you, the parts that will motivate you keep at it. Write about the good reasons you've chosen to pursue this goal now.

Next up is confidence. Your confidence that you have what it takes to achieve this goal will take you far. And I'm not just saying that. Research shows that confident goal setters are more committed to their goals, use better strategies to pursue them, put forth greater effort, persevere longer, and are more resilient to failure. So, remind yourself that you can absolutely do this by recognizing the skills, abilities and strengths that you bring to the table. 

Now take a look back at your goal. If you read it and think (or shout out loud), "Heck, yeah! I've got this!", then you're on the right track. If, on the other hand, you read it and think, "Hmm, maybe ...", then try writing it again. Make sure your goal is a promise to yourself that you know you can keep. Then you'll be able answer those two final questions at the bottom of the page with your most resounding "Yes!"

If you're ready to confidently commit to your goals, here's this week's journal page:

Goal Setter Journal Pages - Part 3: I Can and I Will (achieve my goals)

Best wishes and happy journaling,

P.S. The next journal page is about making it easier on yourself to achieve your difficult goals. (Ha! See what I did there?) It will arrive in your inbox with the next newsletter two weeks from now. See you then!
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