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Hi there,

Impromptu is one of my favourite words. I love the feel of it. No pressure. Totally spontaneous. No planning, preparation, or organization. Just throw something together -- a meal, a get together, a creative project -- using whatever you have on hand and see what happens. Experience the moment as it unfolds.

The first prompt in today's alphabet-inspired i page is all about creating an impromptu moment for yourself that adds delight to your day. Unplanned and unrehearsed. Grand gestures not required. A smile will do. A kind thought or word to yourself or to someone special. A favourite song, a treat, a good memory. Just to remind yourself that an impromptu detour -- however brief -- can be part of your day.

For my part, I've been itching to make something colourful with my hands -- away from the computer. That's my impromptu delight, dipping into my craft stash and playing for a few delightful moments.

Another impromptu-ish thing about this page: over the past few weeks, you've started sending me suggestions for words for future pages, including today's. Thanks to a lovely suggestion from a fellow journaler, the word illuminate is included in this page. This is such a fun way to explore the series together! I'll be curious to know what she thinks of the prompt!

Would you like to suggest a word for a future page? If so, please do! I'll do my best to include as many suggested words as possible and I'll always let you know which words have been included in future pages. Who knows where it might lead?
New Letter I printable journal page, notebooks, pencil crayons and paper clips
In the meantime, if you'd like to journal the letter i with me, I'll send it to you! Click reply and tell me one impromptu thing you can do right now to add delight to your day. Not only will you get a head start on the first prompt in this printable, but I'll also send a reply in return along with the pdf file* so you can keep journaling!


P.S. If you're new to this alphabet-inspired journal series, I'm sharing the process with you -- and these pages! -- as I go. You can find more information about pages a through h, plus some of my other page projects, here.

* The file will include two page sizes: letter and A4.
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Hi, I'm Christie. I create colourful, curious, forward-looking printable guided journal pages designed to give you a thoughtful collection of good to reasons to pick up your favourite pen, pencil, marker or paintbrush and start journaling right now.
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