Defining your goals
Did you know that research shows that specific and difficult goals result in the highest levels of performance among goal setters?

The first attribute -- specificity -- makes perfect sense, right? A specific goal tells you exactly what you are trying to achieve -- so that you'll know what to do. Being specific about your expectations not only helps you to determine whether your goal is realistic, but it also helps to illuminate which steps you might take on the way to achieving it. Specific rocks.

But difficult? Wouldn't it make more sense to set easy goals and ace them every time? Nope, says the research, and here's why: achieving difficult goals feels better. It means something to us and the rewards of achieving difficult goals are far more satisfying.

So, I'm going to suggest that you set difficult goals. But not just any difficult goals. Goals that are difficult for you. Because, in this instance, level of difficulty is completely subjective. It doesn't matter how anyone else might view the challenge level of your goal. What's easy for us can be difficult for others and vice versa.

What you're looking for, when you set difficult goals, are goals that move you forward. Goals that lead to progress. Goals that take you one step closer to being the person you know you can be.

So when you think about it, difficult goals are really the most meaningful goals, the ones that are truly worth your time and effort to achieve.
Last week's journal page asked you to organize and prioritize the things you want to accomplish.

This week's page asks you to choose one goal to consider at a time. (Feel free to print this page as many times for as many goals as you'd like!)

This is your chance to beef up your goal. Think about the details. Think about the ways it will challenge you and how you will handle those challenges. Think about the ways in which achieving your goal will make a difference in your life. And then set some dates -- start date, end date, review dates.

If you're ready to get specific, here's this week's journal page:

Goal Setter Journal Pages - Part 2: Defining my Goals

Best wishes and happy journaling,

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