This week: Sparking your creativity
Hello and welcome to newsletter #8!
This week's good reason to journal is to spark your creativity.

Trust me when I tell you this: you are a creative person. You are. Creativity is a mindset and a practice, not an innate, unattainable personality trait. We may not all express our creativity in the same ways, but believe me when I tell you, we are all creative.

Creativity is essentially about two things: novelty and utility. You are being creative when you approach an idea, a project, or a process in a way that is new and useful. Thinking up new ideas, creating new things, and approaching old routines in new ways is certainly easier said than done, but there are hints all around you -- and also within you.

Get out your journal and start with something easy. Write about ways to do everyday things in new ways. Sit in a different spot at the dinner table. Take a different path to your favourite place. Conduct your daytime routine in a different order. These new approaches won't all take root or even make sense in the end, but you may find a more satisfying, more efficient, or -- dare I say it? -- more creative way to move through your days.

Another way to spark your creativity is to try new things. Meet new people, take a class, visit new places. Use your journal to develop a list of the new experiences you're up for and commit to trying at least one right away. (Remember, your journal is a tool for positive action.) You never know where you'll discover your creative inspiration.

Finally, use your journal to think new thoughts and generate new ideas.
  • Write lists, long lists that really stretch your imagination. Lists that are long enough to draw out the obvious answers and then the less obvious, more creative ones.
  • Draw maps of your ideas with arrows and circles and boxes and notes to self.
  • Carry your journal around with you and write at different times of the day.
  • Keep a waterproof notepad in the shower.
  • Put a notebook and colourful markers on the bedside table.
  • And never judge your ideas while you're generating them. In order to have good ideas, you'll have to have bad ones, too. It's par for the course. It's to be expected. It's necessary. Judge later, when you're deciding which of your fantastically creative ideas to pursue.
If you can't wait to flex your creative muscles, here's the link to today's page:

Why Journal? Good Reason #8: To spark your creativity

Best wishes and happy journaling,

P.S. Next week's good reason to journal is all about connecting the dots between your thoughts and actions. See you then!
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