This week: Capturing moments to remember
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Hello and welcome to newsletter #7!
This week's good reason to journal is to capture the moments you don't want to forget.

Your journal is a fascinating repository for all the things you want to remember -- your good times; your firsts and milestones; your successes and brilliant ideas; your loves and connections; your plans for the future and lots of other insightful details about your one-of-a-kind life.

To get you started, here are a few different perspectives to choose from when you write about the things you don't want to forget:
  • You can take a moment at regular intervals to write about the stuff you're into -- what you're reading and watching, what you're spending all kinds of time doing, who and what you're inspired by -- so that you can see your tastes and interests change and evolve over time.
  • You can record your best and brightest ideas -- so that they'll be there, in all their glory, when you're ready to spring to action.
  • You can even consider in advance the kinds of experiences or events you want to remember -- so that when they happen, you've already decided that they're worth writing about and you'll instinctively reach for your journal.
And when you decide to record those moments, the ones you hope you'll never forget, think about the details. Think about what you saw, what you heard, how you felt, and what was said and jot them down. Think about what this particular event or experience means to you and make a note of that, too.

Now, here's the best part: read back through your journal from time to time. When you need some reassurance about just how far you've come, when you need some of those brilliant ideas to motivate you to move forward, or when you just want to remember what it was like that day -- the day that one little moment made a difference in your life and added to the story of who you are now -- look to your journal and you'll always be able to remember.

Here's the link to today's page:

Why Journal? Good Reason #7: To capture the moments you don't want to forget

Best wishes and happy journaling,

P.S. Next week's good reason to journal is all about sparking your creativity. See you then!
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