Tracking your progress
Hello, fellow journalers! I hope this newsletter finds you moving in the direction of your goals as we continue our series of goal setter journal pages.

Now that you've mapped out your routes to your goals by dividing them into small, manageable steps and you've begun to take those steps, it's time to track your progress.
Today's page recognizes that the pursuit of each of your goals is an evolving process with much to teach you and much to celebrate along the way.

As you continue to journal your goals, keep a record of the things you've learned so far and think about how they'll be helpful to you going forward. Renew your commitment to your goals by writing about the steps you're working on right now and reminding yourself why they're important. Also, don't forget to plan a fun treat for yourself to celebrate their completion! Think about the next steps, too. What parts are you looking forward to? What's motivating you to continue moving toward your goals? Build momentum as you go by patting yourself on the back for the progress you've made so far and by continuing to think forward to the next milestone on your journey.

As with previous pages in the series, today's page focuses on one goal at a time. Feel free to print off as many copies for as many goals as you like!

To track your progress, here's this week's page:

Goal Setter Journal Pages - Part 5: Tracking Your Progress

Best wishes and happy journaling,

P.S. The next and final journal page in this series will look at tips and tricks for continuing to move toward your goals even when you feel stuck and it will arrive along with this newsletter in two weeks. See you then!

P.P.S. You can find previous journal pages from this series in my newsletter archive by clicking here.
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