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In a world full of hard edges and sharp corners, I've always been drawn to the idea of a soft place to land. For me, a soft place to land isn't necessarily an actual place. It's any sort of space, tangible or intangible, in which you can pause, take a deep breath, find encouragement, and prepare yourself to go out there and try again.

I've noticed that this idea is often made real in my journaling. Journal writing is a practice in which I consistently find comfort. It has a way of reminding me that, actually, I'm okay and that I have the tools to continue to be okay no matter what challenges lie ahead. That feels like a big deal in these brittle times.

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I make printable journal pages and what purpose they serve. And, while there are a lot of good reasons to journal, I keep coming back to the idea of a soft place to land. For me, it's about creating journal experiences that give you the time and space to breathe, remind you how awesome and strong and capable you are, encourage you to keep going out there and trying again, and give you lots of ways to discover your next steps -- because I believe the answers are all around you.

After a longer pause than intended and more than a few deep breaths, I'm excited to get back to it! The next alphabet-inspired journal page should be ready to go next week and, soon after that, a new set of pages that I've loved putting together.

In the meantime, you'll find lots of journal prompts and ideas in my shop and on my blog, all of them colourful and many of them free for you to download and journal.

If you're up for an interactive experience, my mini journal adventure is always up and running. I'm really proud of the three pages I created for this series. They're all about the little details that can make a big impact in your day. I think they're some of my best work.

Or, if you'd like to chat, why not drop me a line and share a thought or two from your journal? I'd love to know what you're writing about these days.

As someone who fiercely believes in your ability to accomplish the things that matter to you, I look forward to every opportunity to cheer you on, one journal page and one email at a time.

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Hi, I'm Christie. I create colourful, curious, forward-looking printable guided journal pages designed to give you a thoughtful collection of good to reasons to pick up your favourite pen, pencil, marker or paintbrush and start journaling right now.
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