The Pre-Goal Consultation (with yourself)
In past newsletters, I've described journaling as a tool for positive action. This is especially true when you begin the work of setting, pursuing and, ultimately, achieving your goals.

As I mentioned earlier this week on my blog, your journal is an ideal place for the purposeful reflection that effective goal setting demands. It's also much easier to manage your goals when they're written down, all in one place, where you can record your progress, develop new strategies for dealing with the inevitable bumps in the road, and plan for the next steps forward.

This is the place where you can think through your goals, from beginning to end, then break them down into truly manageable, achievable, itsy-bitsy steps that you can take without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. (And make no mistake, during this series, I'm going to ask you to pursue goals that challenge you and move you forward, goals that you'll be proud to achieve.)

But before we do all that, let's backtrack to the very first step: the Pre-Goal Consultation (with yourself). This is your first opportunity, among many to come, to reflect on the things you want to accomplish and I've prepared a printable journal page to help you do just that.
Start by making a list of the things you'd like to accomplish. Try not to censor yourself; just write. Then, when you've completed your list, consider the questions to the right of your list. During this process, you can re-write your list as many times as you like. Colour-code it by category, if that works for you. Draw lines or arrows to connect things that belong together. Write your list in chronological order or arrange it by most interesting to least interesting -- whatever feels right. This is your chance to organize your list, to make sense of it, even to reframe it, if necessary.

Do your best to prioritize your list and choose the top three things you'd like to accomplish. Then join me here next week, when we'll talk about goal selection and detailed goal statements. (That sounds rather dull, but I promise you it won't be!)

If you're ready to get to know your goals, click below to get started!

Goal Setter Journal Pages - Part 1: Pre-Goal Consultation (with myself)

Best wishes and happy journaling,
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