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Hello, fellow journalers!

This week at Adventures in Guided Journaling has been all about trying one more time. Which is to say that this week has also been about not giving up.

The idea of trying one more time first cropped up while I was putting together next week's Prompt-a-Day journal pages. I chose this quote:

"When the world says, 'Give up,' Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.'"
Author unknown

The prompt I wrote to accompany the quote asks you to write about one thing you're glad you tried one more time and two things you're going to try at least one more time. (For the record, I think Hope's got it right!)

If you'd like to see more, you can download next week's journal page here or by clicking the photo below.
On Facebook:

The second time the theme of trying again came to mind was on Facebook. I tried something new there and it didn't work out very well. Or maybe it just hasn't worked out well yet. I'll have to give it another try to find out.

I wrote a post about celebrating our steps forward, even the teeny-tiny, unheralded ones that happen behind the scenes when no one is watching.

(By the way, if a step forward happens behind the scenes and nobody sees you take that step, does it still happen? YES, it absolutely does and it should be celebrated! Recognize it. Write it down (so you can use it as a handy resource next time!). Let it help you gather momentum toward the next step!)

I shared one of my steps forward with the graphic below and invited readers to write about their steps forward. I thought it would be fun to cheer each other on. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped, but I'm not giving up.

Ultimately, this is my wish: If you have taken a step, even a teeny-tiny one, toward one of your goals or toward becoming the person you want to be, write about it in your journal. Celebrate it. It matters, I promise you it does. And if you want to share your step with someone who will be thrilled for you, write to me and tell me about it. It will be just between us and I will totally cheer you on!
On journaling:

My last thought on trying again is this one: it's never too late to take a step forward.

If there's something that you'd like to try again, something that's important to you, here are some additional prompts to consider in your journal:
  • What exactly is it that you'd like to achieve here. Be specific -- it will give you clues about how best to try again.
  • Think about other pursuits or circumstances in which your efforts have been successful. What did you do then? Would any of the same strategies, or variations of those strategies, work now?
  • If you don't know what to try next, make a list of possibilities. Make it as long as you can, without censoring yourself. Use your imagination. There are no bad or silly ideas at this point. You can evaluate your most realistic options later.
  • If you still don't know what to do, try asking yourself what you should do in the form of a written dialogue in your journal. If the first answer to your question is, "I don't know," don't let yourself off the hook. Ask yourself why you don't know and follow each answer with a new question until you gain insight or generate ideas for a possible next step.
  • Is there someone you can ask for help or advice? Make a list. Reach out.
Best wishes and happy journaling (and don't give up!),
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