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Hi there,

I couldn't resist. You know I couldn't.

Exploring pairs of things about ourselves that can't possibly both be true, but somehow are? That's just too exciting to pass up in today's letter p alphabet-inspired journal page.

Paradoxes are made for journaling.

Here are just a few of mine:
  • I both love and loathe change.
  • I'm a natural pessimist. But I'm totally optimistic about all the things I'm convinced are going sideways.
  • I adore routine, except for the tiny fact that I can't stand doing the same things the same way on a regular basis.
We're complicated creatures in a complicated world. Our paths aren't always (or possibly, ever) straightforward.

For me, one of the true joys of journaling is having a place and a reason to sort through the inconsistencies and contradictions life throws at us, to make sense of what we can and to become more comfortable grappling with ideas and events that defy easy explanations, but are nevertheless part of our experience.

It's fascinating stuff! It's the kind of stuff that drives a rewarding journal practice and turns everyday experiences into adventures that I can't wait to share with you in every newsletter and every journal prompt.
Letter p printable journal page
If you'd like to journal the letter p with me, I'll send it to you! Click reply and tell me two things about you, paradoxically speaking, that are true and contradict each other. Not only will you get a head start on the first prompt in this printable, but I'll also send a reply in return along with the pdf file* so you can keep journaling!


P.S. If you're new to this alphabet-inspired journal series, I'm sharing the process with you -- and these printable journal pages! -- as I go. You can find more information about pages a through o, plus some of my other page projects, here.

* The file will include two page sizes: letter and A4.
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Hi, I'm Christie. I create colourful, curious, forward-looking printable guided journal pages designed to give you a thoughtful collection of good to reasons to pick up your favourite pen, pencil, marker or paintbrush and start journaling right now.
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