This week: Connecting the dots
Hello and welcome to newsletter #9!
During the past eight weeks of the Why Journal? series you've accomplished so much! You've celebrated your successes, faced your challenges head on, written about the good stuff, and sparked your creativity. You've also honed your observations and problem solving skills, used your voice, and identified your passions. Bravo!

There are two weeks left in our 10-part series and I thought it would be fun to use these last two journal pages to think about some of the bigger questions in life -- questions about meaning and purpose and, ultimately, about becoming the person you want to be. What matters to you? Why do you do the things you do? What gives your pursuits meaning? Where are you headed? These are not easy questions -- to ask or to answer -- but you don't have to figure out all the answers all at once. You are a work in progress and so is your journal.

One way to begin to answer these questions is to connect the dots between your thoughts and your actions. Do your actions reflect the meaning and purpose you'd like to have in your life? Your journal is an excellent place to bring your priorities into focus, to think things through -- even as they are happening -- and to consider what actions, if any, you might like to take going forward.

Think about the people and places, the principles and life goals that are most important to you. Maybe they concern family, faith, work or community. Maybe they include joy, love, integrity or perseverance. The aim is to think about how you are making them a part of your life -- so that your life is every bit as full and purposeful as you'd like it to be.

Then -- and here's the good part -- go out there, little by little, day by day and live your meaning and your purpose! And don't forget to revisit your journal, to check in on yourself and your priorities, to record new and meaningful experiences, and to make sure that your actions are connected to your intentions. It is so worth the time and effort -- and so are you.

Here's this week's page:

Why Journal? Good Reason #9: To connect the dots between your thoughts and actions

Best wishes and happy journaling,

P.S. Next week's good reason to journal -- the last in this series -- is all about becoming the person you want to be.
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