Information letter on sundials and astrolabes.
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Preparing the coming summer...

Winter may not be the best period for hunting sundials, especially in Europe. But it might be the perfect moment to start designing a new sundial, warmly installed in front of your PC. So, download the latest version of Shadows on and try out the various models of sundials, the drawing options and create a customized sundial of your own.
Once designed, you will realize it on wood, tiles, metal or directly painted on a wall. The Shadows User Manual provides hints and explanations, do not forget to read it before.
When spring will be there, you will install your sundial in your garden, or your balcony or on the wall of your house. And you will enjoy it during summer, proud to show it to your friends and explaning how it works. Then you will share your secret with them: Shadows.

Become a Shadows Ambassador!
The Shadows Web site went on line in 1996; 20 years already! At the beginning, it was just a personal page that progressively became dedicated to sundials and to the early versions of Shadows. From the beginning, contributions of users were essential to the development of the program, with suggestions of new features and translations of the user interface (now available in 14 languages).
In order to continue sharing these resources with the wider audience, I am calling for help to you, Shadows users or fans, to boost the word of mouth and increase the number of visits on and spread the science of sundials and astrolabes.
Shadows is a freeware in its base level and it widely recognized as the simplest to use. I am developing it for many years on my spare time, in France, and my reward is to see sundials created all around the globe using Shadows data and drawings.
You may contribute by adding a link on your Web site or blog, by citing Shadows on forums and social networks, by showing it to your friends. You also may organize demonstrations and animations in astronomy clubs, introduce how sundials work to kids at school, etc.

Thanks a lot.
Help to translate Shadows user manual
Translations of the user interface and of the user manual were mainly done by users. With version 4, the former HTML help has been converted to a user manual in PDF, easier to read and that can be printed on demand. I did the two first versions in English and French, with some help for reviewing the English one. Then some users kindly offered to translate it in Spanish and Czech.
You may check the status of translation on the page and see if help is required in your language. Read page 108 in the user manual to see how to help translating Shadows. This is another example of how Shadows is improving with the help of its users.
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