Information on sundials and astrolabes.
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Be prepared!

You will soon go for holidays in a sunny place and it is more than likely that you will find a sundial somewhere, in a small south European village, or on a church. Be prepared and sure to be able to explain to your family and friends how to read time on the sundial, how to apply the corrections, to understand its layout and various lines. As you know sundials may be sometimes very sophisticated and richly decorated. 

So, before leaving, be sure to read the pages of, especially the one explaining How to read time on a sundial, and to read the User manual of Shadows.

Read the User manual on-line

Restoration of the large "arsenal" sundial in Besançon

This large engraved sundial dated from the 19th century has been restored in October 2015 by Jérôme Bonnin and just been officially open in May this year by the mayor of Besançon and the local Lion’s club Besançon Lumière who managed and financed the project.
Discover this big sundial
Shadows Pro
Sundials of Paris
The new Shadows user manual is already available in English, French, Spanish and Czech. And a translation is currently in progress in Polish.
I am looking forward to receive offers to translate it into German and Italian, knowing that part of the text was already translated in version 3.5 and can be used in version 4. The source file is in Word 2013 with images and can be easily modified. If you are interested to contribute, don't hesitate to contact me.
Contact me if you want to contribute.
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Every month, around 5,000 unique visitors browse through the web site and they vsualize around 20,000 pages. Thank you all to contribute to the reputation of this site. Word of mouth is of prime importance so if you like the site or the software, do not hesitate to tell your friends about it.
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