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When is the last time you traveled?

If I told you: 'You are free now. Nothing to do. Nobody to see.' Your life cleared up.

… where will you go? 

Exploring is using your imagination to read your senses. Your senses, taste smell touch sight hearing - and intuition, are indeed your sensors in the world, of the world. They are your greatest allies to make sense of your environment. But do you pay attention to them, really? 

Exploring is mindfully observing.
Cultivating a sense of wonder. 
Looking for clues. 
Engaging curiosity. 

You don’t need to go far to explore. 

In fact, you can do it right now, where you are, as you are reading this. 

This Friday, I present to you the following exercise. 

The explorer exercise

You are an explorer. Go out and think “each place is a new place”. This is your mantra, keep repeating this to yourself.

Then, wherever you are, start appreciating your surroundings. You'll notice the details, the glimmer of lights and shadows, the layout of the colours.

Now close your eyes, notice the background noise, the perfume or the smell, the temperature on the skin... hands, nose, neck... Where are you? In the office, in the metro, in a library? In a cafe, at home, at the gym? Or in a park, on the street, at the beach? Where are you, now? What is around you? 

Isn’t it beautiful to start sensing your surrounding?

Every single part of yourself is moving inside an environment. Each breath you take, you interact with it. Each physical sensation you have, you interact with it. Wouldn’t you spend 30 seconds or so to get to know what you are interacting with? 

Keep on thinking 'each place is a new place', even if it is the same place you see over and over again, the usual desk, the usual road, the usual landscape.

You have the ability and the power to see the same place with fresh eyes every time.

To pay attention to different details. To connect to different parts of it. 

The end - of the explorer exercise... 

Wish you a wanderlusting weekend!

Sara Francesca
Thank you for tuning in!
Each Friday I will send out inspirational thoughts and practices to make you feel more connected to yourself, your environment and your natural wellbeing. 
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