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Is that like...mmmmh.... a bad word?!

Remember that song that goes "You don't know what you've got 'til it's -- gone"? 

Heartache aside,  you don't know the range of joint mobility you've got 'til it's — gone.  

Every(human)body should be able to squat. Comfortably squat.  

Feet flat on the ground, let your bottom fall by gravity and there you go. Your entire spine, cervix-to-coccyx, relaxes. 

It is a resting position. It is a working position. It is a multipurpose movement.

It is the most natural way a kid would bend down to get something off of the floor. 
Still thinking it is a weird thing to do?  

'Weirdness' and its opposite 'normality' are byproducts of society and culture.

What you consider to be weird other people would consider to be ordinary. It is a matter of society unwritten rules. Habits. Fashion. Coolness.  

Now I ask you 
<<First Name>> 
to zoom out a bit and to think globally.

Us, the 'Westerners' (1,3 bln), are the only society on the Planet to set a norm that is 'uncool' to squat in public.

Which is namely to take a resting position natural to the human body, without the need of any external prop like a chair.  

Africans (1,111 bln), they do it.
Indians (1,252 bln), they do it.
Chinese (1,357 bln), they do it.  

1,3 bln not squatting people VS. 3,7 bln squatting people (times 3!) 

What's wrong with all these billions of squatting people?

Nothing is wrong. If simple math talks to you, it is natural. Just natural.  

Having said so, I understand if you don't want to go against society rules for the sake of bon-ton. 

So practice squatting when nobody sees you, for the sake of your bones and joints health. 

Practice it in the shower, at lunch time in the office, on a desert island, on a solo ride in the elevator... 
For more resources on how to squat and how to get there if you can't do it now - see here
Wish you a resting squatting weekend!  

Much love, 
Sara Francesca 


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