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Mambo extended Santuri family,

We hope you’re all healthy and happy, here are your Santuri updates for the week! 



Santuri Rough Cuts is a playlist we’ve started for producers to share what's cooking on their hard drives and in their DAWs. We ask music makers to give us their works-in-progress to highlight sketches, ideas and new directions. Check out our Soundcloud to hear tracks that  might never be finished by the artist, exclusive, weird cuts that perhaps don’t fit on their next release, or just wonky, deep loops that haven’t been arranged yet. Take a listen and tell us what you think!

The first Rough Cut we have the pleasure of sharing is a wild one: an unfinished but very high energy take on Tanzanian Singeli by the Kenya-based homie, Budalagi. We wanted to start with this one because it embodies everything this series is about - fun, fearless experimentation and appreciation for homegrown music styles of the East African region. Stay tuned for more Rough Cuts and a big shout out to Budalagi. He's super skilled, super chill, and we love his playful acid / house / tech explorations. You can get all his links here including his official releases (Hizi Ngoma Hazina Lyrics, Kulonkóì) and his social media.  






Last week was the return of Dawa Sesh at Muringa Studio. 

It was a beautiful sunny thursday and we listened to sounds by Kadawa, Davis B & Yugi, Rafiiki, Monrhea and Mr. Kingsize.

Note that Dawa Sesh is now happening once every two weeks!






This Saturday, we’re very excited to think big, nerd-out and get technical with the Nairobi Ableton User Group (NAUG). We’ll be hosting the group as they discuss marketing & music business, and workshop how to take your tracks from demos to  finished products. Join us from 12-5pm at Muringa studio, opposite Red Cliffe Gardens.


"The Nairobi Ableton User Group strives to create a community and space for Creating, Collaborating and Perform using Ableton Live. This is a space where people can grow and enrich each other by sharing ideas and making music together. Meet-ups will be planned and arranged regularly, and everyone is welcome! The aim of the group is to help Live users network and share information and experience with each other. The meetings are to allow all participants to contribute any ideas or themes related to Ableton Live, as well as to provide a forum for presenting their own work, ideas and challenges. If you're curious about using Ableton Live then this will be a great place to get started."


Artists and creatives should take note that TODAY is Open Day at the studio. Santuri is only one of many projects inside the Muringa space... Come and visit, see what other magic is happening here!



This week, a mix from Turkana for Pan African Music and a 360 Sunset DJ Set from Kampire

PAM Club : Turkana

Kampire 360° Sunset DJ Set - Filmed in Ggaba, Kampala

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