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Mambo, SEMA!


We are incredibly excited to share some big news today! As part of Santuri’s deep rooted commitment to the East African music scene, we are launching SEMA - Santuri Electronic Music Academy. Thanks to the support from Goethe-Institute through JENGA CCI – Global Project Culture and Creative Industries, we are embarking on our largest and most comprehensive project yet. And it’s not your run-of-the-mill music school! 

Our educational philosophy and approach will bolster artists to learn and develop with as much creative freedom as possible, so they can realize their full potential. Students will learn from regionally and globally recognized educators / artists and they will access a wide array of cutting edge software and hardware courtesy of our partners - Ableton, Native Instruments, ADAM Audio, Shure, Izotope and others. Intermediate and advanced courses will run from 18th October to 26th November 2021 and 17th January to 25th February 2022 respectively. The call for student applications will be announced via Santuri’s website and social media in the coming days. 

Applications will be open to Kenyan artists and musicians, with female artists being strongly encouraged to apply. As always, Santuri makes an effort to ensure gender parity amongst participants. Successful applicants will have their fees covered for the 2021 courses including per diems towards the costs of their attendance.

SEMA will not be a star-making supply chain, but rather a creative node for the emergent alternative grassroots talent that exists all over East Africa.

The SEMA curriculum will include modules on mixing and mastering, innovative music production techniques and performance skills, the cultural and sub-cultural contexts of electronic music, digital distribution, copyright, and career development. Alongside the curriculum, we’ll also be hosting panels and lectures to get students thinking creatively and critically about culturally relevant topics like technology, tradition and ethical approaches to artistic creation. 

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In other exciting news, if you previously saw the trailer for our Santuri Listening Session with DJ Raph (Noland Records, Sound of Nairobi), check out the full video we are releasing today on our website! Also, remember to smash that like button and subscribe to our Youtube page for more content!

Big shout-out to DJ Coco Em who shot and edited all the footage of Raph playing these unreleased cuts in-studio for us. Look out for his forthcoming record "Citysynthesis", entirely composed of sampled field recordings. 

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