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ISSUE 271: The Emerging “Web 3”

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“That is the promise of observability: It’s that drive, that curiosity, that ability to understand not just how your applications are behaving today, but how to make your software perform better tomorrow.”

Christine Yen, CEO and co-founder, Honeycomb. “Why High-Performing DevOps Teams Thrive on Observability
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Where do you typically deploy and host your projects?

Technologists, investors and journalists continue to be in awe of the possibilities that a great unbundling or decoupling that next-generation web development could bring. They should also pay attention to how content delivery network (CDN) providers are packaging edge and function-related services to compete against the cloud computing giants.

Compared to serverless studies in 2018 and 2020, the recently released “State of the Jamstack 2021” report suggests that platforms aimed at web developers have actually gotten traction. This makes us believe that the surveyed developers are not just early adopters, but instead are willing to work with a whole new set of service providers.

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So, how do you know if you suffer from burnout? Well, one could say that if you have to ask, you’re probably already past the point of no return. Of course, burnout may come from the physical effects of exhaustion, often from not eating or sleeping well. But it’s also not finding a sense of fulfillment in your work or feeling creatively blocked or helpless.

It doesn’t help that the tech industry deifies overworking, rewarding burnout with bragging rights. But how do we break this exhausting cycle? In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we talk with LaunchDarkly‘s manager of developer marketing Dawn Parzych about how to identify burnout in others and in yourself, how to treat it and how to build a psychologically safe working environment that allows folks to say no.

How to Recognize, Recover from, and Prevent Burnout

The Emerging “Web 3”

To date, we haven’t done much with Bitcoin, or the underlying blockchain platforms. While the digital coinage may promise a revolution in currency, such revolutions are not in our bailiwick. 

But, over the past two years, we’ve been hearing more about how developers can actually build applications on a blockchain, and app dev is indeed our jam. Even more promising is how the blockchain, as implemented on platforms like Ethereum, provided the promise of distributed computing. Distributed applications (“DApps”) don’t rely on cloud providers or fleets of servers to run. Instead, the apps can be put on the blockchain, and accessed through GraphQL APIs from anywhere, given that they are collectively hosted by all the companies that choose to run Graph Nodes for profit, or for some other reason. No longer would we rely on Facebook to keep our family photos. We’ll put them on a peer-to-peer blockchain, where they would be collectively served globally, with a chief difference being we can decide for ourselves how, and to who, these photos are shared. 

In theory, this is how it works anyway. We are sorting out how this will work, and what technologies are being used.

This week, our science reporter Kimberly Mok posted a story about one of these new “Web 3.0” technologies, the Interplanetary File System. IPFS is a decentralized data storage system that leverages a peer-to-peer (p2p) network architecture. With IPFS, “Anyone in the world can make data available in the network, and anyone in the world can receive that data from them or from anyone else securely,” explained Mikeal Rogers, the engineering manager for Protocol Labs, which initially developed the open source file system.

Check out Mok’s post, it is a great read. And keep an eye out on The New Stack for more “Web 3.0” technologies, or whatever they will be called in the future. 

Sonatype Lift, a Deep Code Analysis Platform

Software supply chain management and security tooling company Sonatype has released Sonatype Lift, a deep code analysis platform that gives developers the ability to scan for a wide range of bug types and code issues.

12 Ways Flutter Streamlines App Development

Google’s open source cross-platform user interface toolkit Flutter is undoubtedly becoming the popular choice for web programmers. Designed to develop a mobile application in the shortest duration possible, Flutter is on its way to becoming a go-to app development platform, with unique features like ease of creation, faster development, interactive views, and cross-platform flexibility, so explains eSparkBiz Technologies Director Harikrishna Kundariya, in this contributed post. 

Striim Tackles Data Integration Across Clouds, On-Premises

Striim set out to tackle the challenges of data integration across multiple systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. Striim continuously ingests data from myriad sources including databases, log files, messaging systems, cloud apps and internet of things devices. The real-time stream processing can include tasks such as filtering, transformations, aggregations, masking and metadata enrichment, taking place in-memory with continuous SQL-based queries.

Drop the mic — The New Stack’s Darryl Taft (top left then clockwise) and Alex Williams were joined by Storj’s JT Olio and Natalie Villasana for a conversation all about Go. Go Gopher, go!
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JUNE 14-25 // VIRTUAL @ 5 P.M. CET/ 8 A.M. PT

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The DataTalks.Club community is organizing a mini-conference in June. For two weeks, they’ll have a talk each day. The first week is about career in data, and the second is about machine learning in production. It’s online and free! Register now! 

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