Next week is DockerCon 2018, and like every DockerCon in recent years, this one will be a watershed event for the company. View in browser »
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ISSUE 120: DockerCon 2018

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“I will not leave GitHub just because Microsoft buys it. But I do want to have an exit strategy. It is only prudent.”

GitHub contributor David Skinner.
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This week we analyze more data from the Node.js Foundation’s user survey. Almost three-quarters (73 percent) of survey respondents said they use a package manager. NPM was used by 60 percent and Yarn cited by 13 percent. Since Yarn sits on top of NPM, in reality these respondents are referring to an interface or tool they actually use day-to-day. Yarn’s use rose 44 percent compared to last year’s study.

Is Yarn a better alternative to NPM? That is up to you to decide. That being said, it is notable that Yarn users care much more about managing packages across multiple environments. When asked about the importance of managing different packages across multiple environments, 50 percent of Yarn users said it is important (8 on a scale of 1-10) in comparison to only 39 percent of NPM respondents. It is noteworthy that respondents from Latin American and the Asia Pacific region were more likely to say multi-environment package managing is important.
What's Happening

As organizations look to DevOps as a means to achieve digital transformation, they realize they must accelerate the end-to-end software delivery process, and also make it safer.

“It can seem like a boil-the-ocean type of problem. That makes it hard to figure out how you’re going to incrementally derive value from it,” said Andrew Phillips, a product manager in Google Cloud Platform’s DevOps division, in this episode of The New Stack Makers.

A New Approach to DevOps with Spinnaker on Kubernetes

DockerCon 2018

Next week is DockerCon 2018, and like every DockerCon in recent years, this one will be a watershed event for the company.

Over the past year or so, the company has put a laser focus on becoming an enterprise software company, offering commercial editions of its software with full company support. It has also sensed the shifting trends in the marketplace and adopted Kubernetes, even as it continues to support its own Swarm orchestrator. But, with co-founder and spiritual leader Solomon Hykes stepping into an advisory role, one question that no doubt will be asked at this conference is who at Docker will be providing the strategic technical vision for container development and deployment in the years ahead?

And, if course, the company has more challengers than ever. Just this week, rival Red Hat released Buildah, a tool to build Docker and OCI containers, without any help from Docker software at all. According to Red Hat’s Dan Walsh, Docker’s approach of using a single monolithic daemon to handle the building, pulling and running of containers — while convenient for developers — also introduces potential security errors and hampers the ability to run scalable Kubernetes-driven build systems on clusters. And work is going on in different quarters — Google, Microsoft, Red Hat — to componetize the open source container software — much of which Docker itself created — into smaller sets of functionality.

Will Docker have something up its sleeve to counteract, or stay one step ahead in this movement? We’ll be at the event, live streaming all our talks with attendees and Docker executives. As always, look for the TNS Fedora and stop by and say "Hello."

Serverless 101: How to Get Serverless Started in the Enterprise

This week, we kicked off a series on serverless computing, which will start with the very basics and walk you through using the technology in a production setting. In this initial installment, we define what serverless is and isn’t and how to determine if it is a good fit for your organization (Hint: It probably is.)

Extend Spinnaker Automated Delivery with Machine Learning and Custom Pipeline Logic

More people are looking at the open source Spinnaker, created by Netflix and Google, as a continuous delivery tool for preparing apps for multi-cloud use. One big believer is Mirantis, which commercially supports the software. At the OpenDev conference, Mirantis technical writer Nick Chase explained how to turn Spinnaker into a powerful GitOps engine with custom logic.

Better Defense Against Spectre and Everything Else with Patching, SaltStack Hardening

In this contributed piece from SaltStack, we learn the benefits of how to automate process of vulnerability detection and patch management. We see how SaltStack can find the vulnerable software, and then patch it in your systems. It also discusses general security hardening techniques.

Party On

Franziska Schmidt and Aruna Sankaranarayanan, engineers at Mapbox, discuss how they deliver Maps as a Service to developers at Monitorama 2018 in Portland.

Adam Schalock​ and Jeremy Hicks, Nike SREs, are using their in-house open source Wingtips tool for distributed tracing.

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ContainerDays EU 2018 // JUNE 18-20, 2018 // HAMBURG, GERMANY @ HAFENMUSEUM HAMBURG


ContainerDays EU 2018
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The key to successful deployment of Kubernetes lies in picking the right environment based on the available infrastructure, existing investments, the application needs and available talent. Depending on whether Kubernetes is deployed on premises, on a single cloud provider, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud, users will face different technical challenges and will need a different set of tools for deployment. These factors also affect how operations teams approach security with Kubernetes, and it’s critical to understand security in the context of these environments.
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