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Microplastics are Inside You:
Learn to Detoxify


Microplastics are now commonly found in our tap water, bottled water, food supplies and in the bodies of adults, children and pets. While larger particles can get lodged in the gut lining, impacting gut flora and contributing to inflammatory conditions and cancer, smaller particles can permeate the gut and enter the bloodstream.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones by reducing your use and intake of plastics. In Colorado, consider sourcing your water from Eldorado Springs water, stored in glass bottles. Consider replacing food-storing plastics and non-stick cookware with glass or ceramic brands like Anchor, Pyrex, CorningWare and Xtrema at  

Learn more here.


Want to Detox Less?

You can – by consuming less contaminants to begin with. Think about the things you put in and on your body through eating, drinking, skin and hair care, bathing, breathing, hearing, seeing, and what you cannot feel: EMF radiation.


  • fewer calories, carbs, sugar and all things processed/man-made... and more organic, whole foods and healthy fats derived from nature.
  • less alcohol, coffee, tap and bottled water... and more pure spring water stored in glass.
  • replacing mainstream personal products with those that are natural. Remember - if you wouldn’t eat the ingredients, they should not go on your skin!
  • replacing mainstream laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets with natural versions. While unnatural formulas are often estrogenic, commercial perfumes/fragrances and dryer sheets contain neurotoxins that can be toxic, especially to pets.
  • breathing more fresh air, free of pollutants, employing masks, respirators, and (whole house) air filtration as needed.
  • intentionally listening and looking for things that bring peace and harmony and reduce stress.
  • avoiding unnecessary EMF radiation exposure: turn off electronic devices, including Wi-Fi, cellphones, and Alexa unless you are actively using them. Why leave your home devices on while you sleep or when your aren’t actively using them or are at work, radiating yourself, your children and pets 24/7?


Mammogram or Thermogram?

How and what do you share with others?


Mammography does not prevent cancer. It is meant to support detection, though it falls short along many attributes and misses up to 75% of cancers. There is such growing evidence about the shortcomings of mammography that the Swiss Medical Board recommends “completely abolishing mammogram screenings.”

According to Gaea Powell: Mammograms - The Biggest Scam Perpetrated on Women in Medical History

Please share the on-line statistics, articles, videos and resources at Mammogram or Thermogram  to help others decide for themselves. This website provides "the other side of the story" - information others don't typically hear about from mainstream media/medicine.


Let’s Talk About Stress

For some people, stress is a matter of perception, created in the mind. To others, stress is an anticipated response to the environment. Still, others use stress as input and to their advantage, potentially improving longevity!  Learn how here.

 Be the Cure. Seek Prevention.

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