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Hi <<First Name>>

As many of you know, my blog In the Loop Knitting has been having problems. According to my hosting service, the problem is the high traffic the blog is getting. Most of you have shown amazing support that has lifted my spirits and I wanted to give you an update and some options for getting to the site.

I am working on solutions. If I could wave a wand and it would be fixed, I would have done it. However, the solutions all require a lot of time and/or money. As most of you know, this is a hobby site that I can only work on in my limited free time and provide as a free service. I have a full-time day job and family medical issues that limit that time to just a few minutes a day. And most of the solutions require the site to be up for me to get in and work on it. But I have some ideas and have been actively working on them.

I do have some suggestions for what to do if you can't get to the site.
1. Try off hours. Mornings seem to be the best. Late afternoon and evenings are the worst.
2. Visit the archive of the site at the Internet archive. Most of the pages are archived. 
3. Search using the name of the pattern or the designer that I almost always include in any pin I share. Just check the pin description. Almost all my pins are for patterns that are in Ravelry.
4. Check out the Google cached pages for the site. If you search Google for something related to my site and any of my pages show up in search results, you will see a little arrow next to the URL under the title of the page. If you click that arrow, an option "Cached" will pop up. Clicking on that will take you to a cached version of my page.

Please avoid the following because it will only add to the challenges we face:
1. Please don't ask me to send you patterns because I can't. As most of you know, I do not design the patterns and I do not own them. I link to other websites where the patterns are hosted. 
2. Try to avoid overloading the site. If you can't get to it, wait an hour or more. Don't keep refreshing the page or try a different browser or ask all your friends to get on and try at the same time.
3. Please don't take your frustration out on me. Remember that it's just me working on the site a few minutes a day and it's free. Remember I'm a human being and be kind. I can certainly understand your frustration. If you multiply your frustration a thousand times, you will have a little idea of how I feel that the site is down. If you want to unsubscribe or never visit the site again, I understand perfectly. I just beg you not to take your frustrations out on me.

A word of appreciation: Most of you have been very supportive. Many of you have sent me words of encouragement and prayers, and I know many more of you have sent unspoken prayers and thoughts my way. I want to say how much I appreciate all the support, whether spoken or unspoken. Many times during the past week, when I thought of just walking away from the site, a kind thought from one of you would convince me it was worth it to keep trying.

I promise to keep you updated.

Terry Matz



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