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Newsletter - 2/2019

A message from the committee

Dear Member
We hope this newsletter finds you well and feeling energised as we continue through to the second half of the year.

We are immersed in finding new ways to grow our TA community and the Executive Committee is excited to host a brand new webinar: "A Taste of TA".

Join us on 16th August to find out what TA is all about. This is the perfect introduction for anyone who hasn't completed a TA 101 yet. Invite your clients, your family, your friends and your colleagues to sign up so they can learn:
  • What transactional analysis is
  • Who the SATAA is
  • A fundamental model from TA - Functional Ego States
This webinar is free to attend. All we ask is your permission to record the session for our YouTube channel.

It is our intention that this fun, interactive webinar will introduce the magic of TA to our broader community and invite them to join us on this journey. So please do share the details with anyone who may be interested. You can find the details here.

We would also like to remind our members about the new space in our newsletter: TA in Practice. This is an opportunity for you to share how you are using TA professionally. We would love to hear your experiences of how TA has made an impact in your work. If you would like to share a short piece, email us here.

In this newsletter, we give you:

2019 Event Lineup
Our webinar theme for 2019 is "Diversity in TA context". Remember to diarise these dates and like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with webinars on our events page.
10h45-12h15 16 August - SATAA ExCo
10h00-12h00 4 September - Sharon Kalinko
10h00-12h00 6 November - Diane Salters
Up Next!
"A Taste of TA" on 16th August. For more info click here.
Member Interview

Check out the latest member interview! Alex van Oostveen has a conversation with CTA (O) Marguerite Sacco about how she came to TA and how she uses it in an organisational context.
SATAA Membership Benefits
As the SATAA is a partner organisation with the ITAA, we have a reciprocal agreement with other partner organisations for free webinar attendance. Do check out their websites regularly to discover opportunities to connect around the world. This is a great extra benefit of SATAA membership!

The partner organisations are:
International TA News
50th Anniversary Conference: Promoting Equality and OKness: Healing the divisions in our world

Promoting Equality and OK-ness: Healing the Divisions in Our World is a Transactional Analysis Conference, co-sponsored by the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy, International Transactional Analysis Association, and the USA Transactional Analysis Association.

This conference celebrates 50 years of working for racial, economic, and social justice at Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy. Our present cultural moment calls for narratives of inclusion and equity, for fostering human dignity and worth, and for cooperation among diverse communities and individuals as antidotes for narratives of competition and exclusion. Historically, TA’s founder Eric Berne believed that all people have worth, value, and dignity, and the capacity to think for themselves. These tenets remain uniquely suited to respond to this moment–with individuals, groups, and communities. We will offer workshops from a diverse group of presenters within and across the four fields of TA application: Psychotherapy, Counseling, Education, and Organizations, as well as other relevant approaches. For more information for this conference starting on 31st July until 3rd August in Raleigh (North Carolina), click here.

Chair of SATAA invited as a keynote speaker at JTAA conference in Japan

The Chair of SATAA (Karen Pratt) has been invited to deliver 2 keynote addresses at the JTAA conference in Kyoto in September 2019. Their practice is to invite one key speaker each year, about whom they have read or heard about and from whom they are curious to learn more. The conference focuses around these 2 learning moments, with other membership bodies meetings and plenty of social events each evening!

The titles of her interactive (a bold step within Japanese culture) keynotes are:

Day 1: Making new meaning of who we are collectively - Expanding the integrating Adult to co-create futures that benefit everyone.
Day 2: Making new meaning of who we are individually - Breaking free from our limiting beliefs and behaviours through the Health System.

After that she will be running 3 and a half days of workshops linking TA to coaching - a day and a half in Kyoto and then 2 days in Tokyo. The organisers have been extremely helpful to ensure the usual Japanese hospitality during her visit.

Exploration of Scripts, Group Supervision and Supervision from both sides

Offered by Trudi Newton TSTA (E) who will be in South Africa early October 2019. Click on the links below to get more information on each event.
For more information on these workshops, contact Karen Pratt who is coordinating the events.

Supervision Group with Lieuwe Koopmans
Duth TA trainer and supervisor Lieuwe Koopmans will be facilitating a group supervision day on 24 August. The work will involve co-creating how to work together (in the past a cascade-style set of supervision sessions on key cases has worked very well!). 
Lieuwe is a master of his craft, working in a relational style and using transactional analysis as a tool to round off the learning once the personal work has been done.
If you are interested in learning more about yourself, how to transform your relationship with clients, and about supervision, this event is for you.
Date- 24 August 2019
Time- 10h00-17h00
Venue- 8 Rusten Close, Marina Da Gama
Contact Layo Seriki for bookings

Retreat | Refocus | Refresh Supervision
Together Alex van Oostveen, Karen Pratt, Veronica Wantenaar and Andrew Matthews, are hosting 4 group supervision sessions and everyone will have an opportunity to bring a piece to work with AND learn from the work done by others.

The purpose of the RRR Supervision events is to give you a lived experience of supervision, especially if you're new to working with a supervisor.

"What we are passionate about is transformational coaching and supervision, and this reflects powerfully in how we do our work. We hope to give you much deeper insight into yourself, your practice and your being as a coach, that's why we have capped our event at 16 participants."

What you can expect to experience:
  • grounding, reflection and catharsis
  • clarity on the core issues you experience, shifting them and clarity on how to act on them
  • re-energise your effectiveness as a professional, inviting the same in your client
  • freedom from your "stuckness" in a personal & professional context
"We are passionate about supporting and developing coaches, communities, societies and countries for positive change and are looking forward to working with you in our very special group."
TA in Practice

SATAA Treasurer - Kirsty Melmed - shares how she has used TA in Practice, focusing on work with a recent organisational client.

"Recently. I was brought in by a large corporate brand, to facilitate team coaching sessions with a team of men of various ages, different cultural backgrounds and challenging economic circumstances. This was a new experience for me as up until now I have primarily worked with individuals and 80% of my clients are women. The objective of these sessions was to improve communication between the team and their manager..."

To read more on how successful her sessions were, click here.
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