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Welcome again, friends, to an exciting start of the year. Thanks to all who could make it for the first evenings, with an engaging and darkly humorous evening on Russia in the 90s by Mr. Dubov, and our Soviet Cartoon evening, one of more to come, at Sands Films. And what better to read on a Monday night than the fun of weekends ahead? You are welcome.

Glad tidings in the coming events, inviting renowned artists and academics
as well as an interesting new venue we collaborate with. This stage particular is a triptych that since the dawn of culture has played together in harmony. Poetry - the gathering of Brodskys close ones, with many scholarly and personal stories to join. And Mathematics, where science at its purest reveals the worlds music. Our Cinema is screening masterworks of tragic comedy, each with its own insight into the depths and recesses we may come to bear.

In the words of a great mind -
"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' – that is all /
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
We are honoured to welcome - and glad to host on future occasions - our new patron
Professor Fiona Sampson.

She has been published in more than thirty languages, has twelve books in translation, and has received the Zlaten Prsten (Macedonia) and the Charles Angoff Award (US), and been shortlisted for the Evelyn Encelot Prize for European Women Poets. Her publications include twenty-seven volumes of poetry, criticism and philosophy of language.

From 2005-2012 Sampson was the Editor of Poetry Review; she is now Editor of Poem and Professor of Poetry at the University of Roehampton, where she is the Director of the Roehampton Poetry Centre. She’s also a Fellow and Council Member of the Royal Society of Literature, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Fellow of the English Association and Trustee of the Wordsworth Trust.

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Give me another life, and I'll be singing in Caffè Rafaella. Or simply sitting there. Or standing there, as furniture in the corner, in case that life is a bit less generous than the former.
Joseph Brodsky


To those who love the poetry of Brodsky, or else want to encounter his life and work, are cordially invited to a remembrance evening of Joseph Brodsky at the Open Russia Club. There will be a screening of the movie “Walking with Brodsky” by Yelena Yakovich, filmed 1993 in Venice, where Bodsky and his friend Eugene Rein travelled for that purpose.

We welcome Ms Yakovich from Moscow to introduce her movie and answer any questions. Arriving from Italy, our guest Anna Maria Brodsky will read her own verses, in part dedicated to her father. His friends from England will also convene, sharing their memories of the poet. Dr. Natalya Rulyeva and Prof. Valentina Poluchina, researchers of his oeuvre and lifetime, will address your curiosity.
Not only the poems of Brodsky,

also his person, even his appearance are long since legendary and full of contradictions. What was Brodski like? Witty and cheerful, spiteful and proud, haughty aesthete and a man easily hurt, a generous friend and dangerous enemy. An out-and-outer to the measure of Tsvetaeva to whom “Christ is not enough, Freud is not enough, Marx is not enough, nor is Existentialism or Buddha.”

A Jew to Russians and Russian to Americans, emigrant to all others, Brodsky lived in the US as unpretentiously independent as in Soviet Russia, with the basement flat door open to everyone, phone ringing like it was just invented yesterday. The solicitous can find everything in Brodsky – patriotism and nationalism, cynicism, and the main thing – many answers to matters of life and death.
Reserve a seat - tickets are free, but mandatory.
16 Hanover Square, Mayfair >>

doors open at 18.30

The Miracle of Soviet Mathematics
A Paradox of Existence
«Чудо советской математики: Парадокс существования»
Open round table discussion. 
Дискуссия в формате «открытого круглого стола»
In the 1950s-80s, despite various political and administrative restrictions and obstacles, a generation of brilliant mathematicians emerged in the Soviet Union, and mathematics became a symbol of independent thought. How did the mathematical community overcome the barriers? We will discuss the culture of specialized math schools, the tradition of open seminars, the role of charismatic leaders, and the notion of mathematics as a way of life.
Несмотря на всевозможные административные и политические ограничения и барьеры, советская математика в 1950-е – 80-е годы породила плеяду блестящих математиков и стала символом независимости мысли. Каким образом это произошло? Мы поговорим о культуре математических школ, об открытых семинарах, о харизматичных лидерах, о математике как образе жизни.

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   на фото: выступление Алексея Ляпунова
перед новосибирскими матшкольниками в 1964 г.
Slava Gerovitch, Lecturer in History of Mathematics and Director of Research Programs, Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the author of
From Newspeak to Cyberspeak: A History of Soviet Cybernetics.
The event is free. Donations are welcome. Please register.
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Вопросы и предложения
Questions & suggestions 07734323525 Karina, 07921395280 Larissa

Clementi House, 128 Kensington Church Street W8 4BH
Kindly RSVP - so we can crunch numbers!
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Our up and coming movies
with an introduction by Natalia Rubinstein, translated into English by Dr. Lyudmila Razumova.
13th February
Eldar Ryazanov
Tribute to one of Russia's best-loved Soviet-era film directors who has passed away recently. He became an icon of popular culture through tragi-comedies that gently satirised daily life in the USSR. A glimpse into his story over at BBC news here >>

О смене эпох, удивительной касте советских чиновников, предательстве,
стяжательстве, слабохарактерности, верности, любви и смерти.
Formerly a talented flutist but at present a prosperous businessman suddenly falls in love with a nurse… A formal prosperity does not make him happy any more, his forgotten dreams are revived…But it is a thankless task to retell the contents of Eldar Ryazanov’s comedies, it is necessary to see them…

And a 'double take' on The Twelve Chairs / Двенадцать стульев

12th March
Leonid Gaidar
13th March
Mel Brooks

a classic satirical novel (read it here) that sees its anti-heroes in
a series of comic adventures, including living in a students dormitory with plywood walls, posing as bill painters on a riverboat to earn passage, bamboozling a village chess club with promises of an international tournament, and traveling on foot through the mountains of Georgia.
- from Wikipedia
See more of the screenings at Sands Films here
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Enjoy the start of a great year!

With love,


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