Tuesday, May 8
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Throwback photo from this weekend showing how well we play with others in the annual Kellogg vs. Booth soccer match. Photo credit: @thereal_teegee

What's the scenario?

Happy Tuesday! We hope everyone has recovered from the busy weekend and is having a productive week. Some great events today and throughout the week so be sure to enjoy your leisure time in this post-midterm afterglow. 

Africa Business Week continues with the Welcome to Wakanda party at Evanston Rocks tonight. Accordingly, here is Tuesday's Nigerian proverb: 

A child who has not been to another man’s farm, claims his father’s farm is the biggest.

Bright, sunshine-y day

Today will be warmer than yesterday with a high of 73°F (23°C). Seems like a great excuse to take a stroll by the lakefill, grab a drink outside for happy hour, or finally put the boots away for good.

Now let's get in formation 

  • My generation. While there is never a shortage of opinions about Millennials, this is one we actually want to hear. The Marketing Club is presenting a case led by Professor Anderson on Starbucks and the Millennial Customer Experience (12:15 p.m., L130; waitlist only).
  • Professional Philanthropist. We know that disposable income feels far away, but once you have the opportunity it would be great to insure your investments are supporting worthy causes. Join Professor Dean Karlan for a discussion about how to search for and select nonprofits to most effectively put your philanthropic dollars to work after Kellogg (5:15 p.m., L110).
  • Better late than never. Cinco de Mayo may have come and gone but, as we all know, we don't need much of an excuse to celebrate. Join On the Rocks for tonight's Tequila tasting. Your $20 ticket will get you 4 tequila tastings, including a tequila that has not yet been released in the U.S., and light appetizers (6:30 p.m., Five & Dime).
  • FIFA Forever. If you're looking for a great way to spend your day off (hey, it could happen one week...) join the Virtual/Augmented Reality Experience (V/ARE) ClubMedia & Entertainment Club, and Kellogg Soccer Club as they explore the evolution of soccer as interactive entertainment over the years. Finish the event off with a PS4 FIFA 2018 Tournament for ultimate bragging rights (Wednesday, 1:00 p.m., L129).

Survey says

It's been a while since we had a Daybreak survey. With lots of second-year sendoff events, we were wondering, what are the less academic attributes you will remember about your professors here at Kellogg? Who did you always believe would have partied the hardest? Who is full of the kinds of obscure facts best relayed at fancy cocktail parties? Now is your chance to vote. Write-in suggestions are also welcome (and encouraged). Vote here.

This is the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that can only come from meeting 60+ new besties during CIM Week.

CIM-ply the best

Think back to your CIM. You're exhausted from KWEST, you just got over the most intense illness of your life without any rest, and now you have a week of orientation. Sounds rough, right? But you likely remember being greeted by your genuinely enthusiastic CIM leaders who made the experience worthwhile as you learned tons of new names, created skits and dances, and started building relationships with your section mates.


If you're interested in continuing this tradition and helping your classmates start their Kellogg experience with a bang, now is your chance. Here are the necessary deets:

  • Time commitment: Programming starts Monday, September 3rd with a fun CIM leaders kickoff dinner and continues through Saturday, September 8th when it all wraps up with the CIM Celebration! Bonus: Thursday and Friday are days off AKA you can still lead a KWEST.
  • There is only one training meeting this quarter on May 23rd (additionally, a make-up date will be available).
  • The application is NOW OPEN and rolling. Please reach out with any questions to Mia Guajardo.


Have a great day and see you Thursday!

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