Tuesday, April 10
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How you smile when it's Tuesday but you have class tomorrow. Photo cred: Oscar Dang

100 Days, 100 Nights

Congratulations! You made it to day 100 of 2018. It's also the second day of Ally Week, a time full of enriching events designed to help us become better support systems for those around us. Celebrate all that good allyship means at tonight's Ally Week Night Out at Evanston Rocks at 10 p.m.

Wait. What does "good allyship" mean? More on that later!

A Spring of Lies

You thought April was going to be warm, right? Not here. This is Evanston --  where today's high is a staggering 42°F (6°C). 

The Way for Tuesday

  • What's the tea on ERGs? Hear from Kellogg alums about how ERGs, or employee resource groups, have fostered a greater sense of community at their companies (12:15 p.m.; 2410A&B).
  • Tighten up. Join the Run|Bike|Swim Club for an intense boot camp workout that will give you the greatest fitness thrill of your life (5:15 p.m.; Fitness Studio).
  • Drink n' learn. Tour some of Evanston's most esteemed bars while having fruitful conversations about allyship and bridging cultural divides (7:30 p.m.; final locations TBD). 

The Habits of Highly Effective Allies

An ally is someone who is personally committed to ending the oppression of marginalized groups. What does this look like in real life? Sure, the Internet has plenty of answers to this question. But you know who's cooler than the Internet? Our classmates. Let's hear what they have to say.

"Everyone has some privileges and lacks others. For me, being an ally means recognizing our privilege and using it to combat bias against others." - Spencer G.


"For me, being a good ally is checking in. If something joyous or something terrible happens to a member of my community and you send a simple text to see how I am, that’s worth so much in my eyes." - Ziggy A.



"An ally is someone who stands up against prejudice or bias, even when they may face consequences for doing so. They forgo an easier path of silence or non-action to challenge the status quo in order to enact change and create equality." - Stephanie E.


"Allyship is empathy through action." - Steph M.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts, and be on the lookout this week for more Ally Week programming!

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